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60,000 miles to circle "Antarctica" - flat earth proven by flight paths too

Goodfightoffaith - 482 Views
Published on 06 Dec 2021 / In Science

One of the best supporting arguments for a flat earth is the flight paths taken by commercial airlines. Again and again they seem to work best on a flat earth and and debunk the globe theory.

This astute researcher points out that more than a century ago ship captains James Cook and James Clarke Ross attempted to sail around Antarctica. Incredibly, it took them from three to four years and their reckoning indicated they sailed an astonishing 50,000 to 60,000 miles. This is more than twice the distance of the equator, but fits the narrative the earth is flat and the southern seas are immense.

In fact people have said to prove the earth is flat you simply have to sail around Antarctica and see how long it takes. But as you can see, the answer is already known.

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