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6 REPORTS: Cartels designated as terrorists, Chic-fil-A, Hobby lobby, Bloomberg,Warren

Linda Kirby
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Published on 27 Nov 2019 / In News and Politics








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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 year ago

À ∞ † Ω Σ Mastering The Human Domain…

 You have {walked a path} with me as The Oracle for the End of An Age connected to The Source of All Creation, and as I have Spoken, we have been able to see things [we would have never] comprehended had Computers and SOFTWARE CODES never been wrote!!! Knowing JADE HELM 15 Operations continue for the UNITED NATIONS Agenda 21 + 30 of REX 84 where every country in OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION {is under} oppression...., why is this so??? We know the FREE MASON [are anything but free] as they are the true SLAVE POPULATIONS whom must preach Fake Gods, Fake Space, and Scientism to keep the masses distracted with their {2D TV FLAT Screens} where Black Mirrors are scrying into the Souls of those nonmason whom are still asleep [with nothing] but madness… For many {are wiped} in their minds......., and they can not see this PURGATORY Celestial Sphere [Home World] for what it could be......, not as we have it now…

 It could very well be we all died a long time ago....., and these Mechanical Biological Vessels of {Flesh and Blood and Bones} is all that remains of A Great People before we used our [Body Temple Avatars] to make Pyramid Weapons...., and Rip open the Sky {known as} +=+ the Milky Way Scar that RIFT we can all see in the Night Sky..., and how we {Shot The Moon} / * \ till she bled BLACK BLOOD.., and rained down BLACK WATER on we [her children] gone insane…... To be sure., it very well could be there was a REVOLT by the GOLEM {Machine Spirits} [{**}] against we The HUMAN Machine Spirits, but it is becoming more and more apparent [that we live in] [{*}] a CONSTRUCT that the FREE MASON {Slave Populations} call The Grand Architect!!! Moreover, they do Resets about every 153 years to put us [back to sleep] and onto another made up TIME LINE, as we stand in Year one of Pak-Toe…

 The Mud Floods cover ancient cities, and then they {are presented} as new… Those whom do these WORLD WARS [use all things] from Sun Shields to Sky Lazers to Trillion Watts FULL SPECTRUM [5G Bubbles Weapons] to wipe and kill the vast majority of Adults while our kids {11 years old and younger} are put in LABOR CAMP schools to be brought up in [the next illusion and delusion] that FAKE SPACE is real… There will be a link below this Writ that will make it all {fall into place} if you have retained YOUR RIGHT to be honest and follow the Narrow Path of Christ Jesus...., and if you do not wish to be RESET {one more time} and raised by Demons and Devils and Gargoyle Ghouls, you best [do your part nonmason] whom WE ARE the FREE and TRUE to do De-entanglement of these [Hydrogen Weapons} of Mass Destruction to put all back under where THEY LIVE {will raise us on] more EDISON MACHINE LINES…

 The White Sun will not last forever...., but if it does...., then ALL LIFE DIES...., and there will be no more resets, no more De-Ja-Vu, no more Oraborus Curse for A Curse [only has 9 Lives], and it is time to go back to the Spiral where we all belong… WE may have all died long ago...., and we all {downloaded ourselves} into this SIMULATION {Holographic Hologram} Celestial Sphere 2 Sided as above so below FLAT EARTHS where we are born and grow old over and over REMEMBERING [that this place] never ends, but do we wish to be beholden to INK on PAPER Laws and Doctors and Religions {when we the people} can think and speak our own minds...., and since not even The Banks or Corporations help us, then [why allow them] to continue to kill us???

 Johnny Exodice


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Linda Kirby
Linda Kirby 1 year ago

Johnny, please don't use my videos to spam me! Please comment on my videos and not your videos!! I don't do that to you. It's not polite. Thank you.

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