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6/12/24 Cl_oney Stazi! Garland Arrest? Russia 66m off FL Coast! #PlandemicTheMusical

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Published on 13 Jun 2024 / In News and Politics

6/12/24 The George Clooney Foundation is funding a secret operation to have journalists arrested who speak negatively about the Ukraine War. Meanwhile, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna puts forth a motion to have AG Garland arrested after the Congress votes to hold him in Contempt of Congress. Also, Russia performing hypersonic missile tests 66 miles from the coast of Florida...and More!!

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145 Days to the Election! Take Action!

$12T in Rare Earths= Ukraine War Support:

Russian Nuclear Sub & Frigates 66M from USA:

George Clooney Foundation: Project to Arrest Journalists:

AG Garland Contempt of Cogress: Arrest?

Correction! Not Mali President!
Malawi VP Dies in Plane Crash:

Fauci: Mutant Monkey Pox Bombshell!

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Plandemic, The Musical! To be Released Saturday for free download!

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anoncoward 1 month ago

That's 90 miles. We don't use your measurement standard.. please adjust

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You Are Free TV
You Are Free TV 1 month ago

the sub is 66 miles not Cuba

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