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5G network Signal RF Pulse Speed Response test for GQ EMF-390 vs Trifield TF2, and Cornet RF meters

verdadepura1984 - 130 Views
Published on 11 Oct 2020 / In Film and Animation

The 5G network is a fast digital RF network. It sends high speed RF pulses to communicate with 5G devices, such as 5G cell phones. To detect 5G network signals, the RF meters must have fast enough RF pulse response capability. This test shows that the GQ EMF-390 has about a 200-300 nanoseconds response time. It is way faster than other similar meters in the market for 5G network radiation detection. The TF2 has 1 to 10 milliseconds (1000,000 to 10,000,000 nanoseconds) response time, which may not be able to detect a 5G RF signal. The Cornet 88t plus was not able to complete the test because there was no clear indication for the pulse detection.

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SPARTACUS 2 months ago

Iam not a tech guy in anyway what so ever.i have noticed that up until 2 weeks ago,all over Europe the internet speed was very strong and the usa was running at anormal speed.saying that from about 2 weeks ago it has reversed where by the usa has a very strong internet connection and ofcourse Europe the opposite.iam use a vpn and able to see the servers speed in a lot of countries in the world.something is cooking and something is not right.

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