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5/3/2021 – GOP is silent! FL is 100% FREE! Stay focused on YOU!

Santa Surfing
Santa Surfing - 3,232 Views
Published on 03 May 2021 / In News and Politics
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BitSifter 2 years ago

Florida RETURNS to normal.....meanwhile, South Dakota NEVER LEFT normal.

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Ron Peete
Ron Peete 2 years ago

It is very simple why the GOP members of Congress and Senate are quiet: we have only one or two Patriot GOP members that are patriots!!! The rest of the so called GOP turds are traitors and will never speak up for the American People!!! Get real!!! Republicans in Congress and the Senate have always been gutless spineless morons who only stand for themselves and to hell with the country!!! TRUE RINO'S ALL!!! Justice for them will smack them right in the face and they will pay for their treason and crimes against humanity!!!!

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