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45000 dead from the Covid Vaccines

Ponzie - 56,716 Views
Published on 19 Jul 2021 / In News and Politics

Lawsuit filed -whistleblower Affidavit 45K reported deaths from vaccine.

Stay Tune!!

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truthapologists 3 years ago

Can we get an update as soon as possible regarding the below link REFUTING the 45,000 dead

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JamesRoss 3 years ago

You are going to sue them through their own system of tyranny?
Or are you seeing through their fake system?
The courts system is fake.
Are you planning to institute an new Court-System?
Likely not...

So, what are the heros going to do??? while they play the game of the Mystery School Cult??? You cannot play their game and win... you need to make your own game and ram it down their pathetic throats.

YOu see, You need to take control and kick out their stupidity that is designed by the ancients to extinct your own beloved species.

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freedom patriot network

@Ponzie, Thank you for sharing this video from our YouTube channel. I am now have a channel on UGETuibe. I can't wait until more space for uploads is allowed.

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Ponzie 3 years ago

Thank you freedom patriot for your very important contribution!!

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David Howard
David Howard 3 years ago

Brett Kavanaugh: Christine Blasey Ford = trustworthy.

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aintlifefun 3 years ago

There really is no telling how many people have died from these jabs this is not a vaccine it is an experimental drug and they are using anyone who will take it as a human guinea pig. I have tried to warn people but they took it anyway and now lots of them are starting to go downhill fast. It is sad that people are willing to take something without doing any research work on what is in it or the side affects I will never let them put this poisonous shit in my body ever.

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