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30Nov22 Oath Keepers Stunning Verdict; Current Status of Pentagon's War on Religious Liberty with Jab Mandates

David Knight
David Knight - 404 Views
Published on 30 Nov 2022 / In News and Politics

OUTLINE of today's show with TIMECODES

Qatar police arrests England supporters at World Cup dressed as medieval knights from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. No sense of humor and one can "see the violence inherent in the system"!

"The dead keep coming". The WAR part of the failed War on Drugs, just across the border in Mexico. How much longer before it happens in USA?

French priest suspended for saying abortion has more victims in World War One than the Great War. That's an understatement

7 Circuit reverses Indiana’s fetal disposition law and an outright reversal.

After a pro-life clinic was firebombed what happened next with the FBI is unbelievable

Biden’s 5 Secret Service rental vehicles all burst into flames after he left his vacation in Nantucket!

Stunning verdict reached in Stewart Rhodes and Oath Keepers trial!
Stewart Rhodes finally understands how stupid Jan6 and StopTheSteal was. Here's the 2 lessons…

Jan6 GeoFence. Guilty by being in an area. It's now revealed that FBI targeted a massive number of people through Google's tracking of everyone's phones.

China taps Governor Gretchen Whitmer to lead lockdown enforcement (satire)

The tanks are now rolling out on China’s streets.

PEAK HYPOCRISY: Trudeau virtue signals about the importance of free speech and peaceful protests — in China.

After China bots pushed fear porn in Italy to begin lockdowns, China bots are now swamping searches for protests by pushing porn

Apple appears to have conspired and partnered with Chinese government to turn off a feature that allowed protestors to communicate with each other without going through the central net
Chinese protestors understand this is not "science" it's political. And they're demanding sweeping political changes

Young Asian recounts long history of surveillance and control in China and how it's coming to the rest of the world, especially through CBDC

How do we stop people from speaking freely on Twitter?

Dr. McCullough: When Biden says it’s over, but continues, it means they’re drunk on power.

The medical scandal of killing patients with ventilators continues.

INTERVIEW: Davis Younts,, Christian, husband, homeschool dad, former prosecutor, JAG, and #1 rated defense counsel in the Air Force. Mr. Younts on the legal fight against Biden & Pentagon's relentless pursuit of mandatory jabs. The issues and the current status in each branch as well as precedents in the anthrax vaccine.

Federal law requires that the military cannot mandate an experimental or emergency use medical product for any reason without a specific exception.

What is the off ramp for the Department of Defense? Why do they continue to push this?

What we need to be doing as Christians is recognizing the actual battle that’s here.

What type of homeschool challenges are you seeing now?

We’re either falling and worshiping God or we are falling and worshipping man.

The war between Tim Apple and Musk

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