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23Jan23 "Dirty (half) Dozen" Egg Cartel; Trillion Dollar Coin & Deficit; 50th Anniversary of "Roe"

David Knight
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Published on 23 Jan 2023 / In News and Politics

OUTLINE of today's show with TIMECODES

Canada's nasal spray Covid vaccine is in Phase 2 testing. Still think it's over? 3:51

Hero doctor who destroyed TrumpShots, gave kids saline injections and wrote vax certificates for the unvaxed is being charged with crimes against "government property" — Trump's shots 11:20

Denied treatment, those injured by TrumpShots are committing suicide 17:59

WATCH: Elon Musk and Scott Adams are coming clean as switch-hitting sycophants jump ship — "Anti-vaxers win" says Adams after calling us "sociopaths" for 3 years. 20:59

WATCH: Revived Mark Zuckerberg clip warning about mRNA/DNA damage from vax is not a deep fake. 27:45

So what do we do at this point? Government is there for justice, not mercy. But IT IS NOT OVER — people are still be injected and the usurped legal powers are still in place 35:43

Yes, mRNA *IS* Gene Therapy. Here's why… 1:00:00

DeSantis virtue signals about never allowing jab mandates again. Why is he allowing people to be needlessly injured and killed when he knows the jab is dangerous? Is his career, winning, more important than other peoples' lives? 1:08:19

Listener, medical professional, says SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) was never a part of training and is NOT a part today of recertification for EMS 1:15:08

Pro-Life March for Life in DC 1:22:02

Pro-Life: What Democrats & Republicans Don't Understand. Competing rallies in DC - March for Life on Friday, Women's March on Sunday. It's NOT about a POLICY - it's about a life. It's NOT about you WINNING — it's about a life. It's NOT about your BODY — it's about a life. That's NOT extreme, but it IS NON-NEGOTIABLE 1:32:42

WATCH: Woman arrested for silently praying speaks about the incident and "thought crime" 1:36:44

Nancy Mace (R-SC), joins Trump and other Republicans whining about people defending the lives of babies keeping them from "winning". Travis: "I sure would love a larger majority of spineless losers that won't do anything." 1:40:52

Free abortion pills in New York City. This is a THREAT to women's health, and implies they might be given to minors 1:48:49

Gavin Newsom and his wife are very busy making films that push porn to children while getting state money to do so. Surprised? 1:54:03

How pedophile predators in schools will come after those with autism over and over again. 2:08:37

Leftists see children as sexual targets and useful idiots for the revolution. Conservatives see them as cogs for the machinery of a "new cognitive economy"? Will you protect YOUR children? 2:12:27

Soaring Eggs Prices Are NOT About Avian Flu. Like the "baby food crisis", it's a tale of consolidation, monopoly and government collusion. As we've seen the FDA is useless. Farmers call upon the FTC to do something. Will they? 2:28:01

The "Trillion Dollar" Coin Scam is BACK…another fiat fantasy 2:48:34

State banks and state precious metal depositories 2:55:17

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