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21Feb23 Is Pfizer Behind the Project Veritas Putsch, Removing James O'Keefe?

David Knight
David Knight - 237 Views
Published on 21 Feb 2023 / In News and Politics

OUTLINE of today's show with TIMECODES

Did Pfizer Push James O'Keefe Out at Project Veritas? O'Keefe strongly implies there's a connection between his outster and the biggest story they ever had — Pfizer 2:06

5th Gen Warfare or Spiritual Warfare? Who is behind the coordinated global reset? Don't confuse tactics and strategy with the mastermind behind it 20:11

UK Conservatives have a backdoor scheme for Digital ID. 25:30

The world wants to be deceived. 35:10

Four hypotheses about the secular corporatist Global Elite. 45:08

2023 "World Government Summit" releases document they prepared back in 2018 with their plans for 4 "eras" to take us into a transhumanist future 1:03:15

Musk warned World Government Summit of dangers of becoming too much of a single world government. What does he REALLY mean? 1:14:02

Global digital identity for everyone including newborns by 2030. 1:21:36

America’s vision of being a shining city on a hill. 1:27:15

Sanctuary Cities" for natural rights. Scott Lively on his inspiration for this from his friend, a Brazilian Christian refugee from Marxist leader Lula 1:30:05

Presidents Day Memory-Holed by NEA Teachers Union. George Washington deserves his own holiday and why he would NEVER WANT it. 1:36:54

First They Came for the Confederates. 1:42:09

Slavery in the United States:. 1:44:46

Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times — the Fourth Turning in a nutshell. Which of these describes us today? 2:01:30

The more we depend on one person lead our nation, the more we slide from democracy and to demagogue. 2:08:19

Trump wants to federalize discipline in schools. He has no idea of the Constitutional or practical limits of the federal government. 2:21:10

As USA publisher alters Roald Dahl works for political correctness and the UK puts everything from Shakespeare to Tolkien on an "extremist" watchlist, how can we apply these ideas and tactics to other classic literature for fun? 2:32:54

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