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20Feb23 Paying Docs to Snitch on Unvaxed; Swiss to Vote on Prohibiting Cashless CBDC; TN Bill to Review & NULLIFY Fed Overreach

David Knight
David Knight - 262 Views
Published on 20 Feb 2023 / In News and Politics

OUTLINE of today's show with TIMECODES

A new medical code to track unvaccinated, partially vaccinated and anti-vexers — and a code to pay doctors for being informants 2:08

We’ve seen it coming for a long time. From the beginning of mRNA, CDC had mechanism for doctors to report those who "refused" 10:12

Gov Kristi Noem (SD) tells us integrity of "trusted international organizations" (like WHO) was damaged by — wait for it — CHINA. Feds did nothing wrong? 23:13

Brazil will vote on a measure to IMPRISON vaccine refusers AND those who speak against it — 2 to 8 years plus fine 31:14

Lancet publishes study that shows natural immunity is equal or better to jabs. But it was paid for by Bill Gates — and there's a sinister motive 33:40

DeSantis' Florida Surgeon General, Ladapo, FINALLY notices the VAERS data after two years. Does he stop vaccines? 43:35

Listener asks for prayers for his son, Daniel Jeremiah, who is suffering severe adverse effects from vaccine induced autism. FOX News pharmaceutical shill, pushes "breakthrough" drug for autism. It's cheap but comes with adverse effects. What's being ignored is Stem Cells (from patient and umbilical chords) that have been VERY effective at curing, not just treating, autism with NO adverse effects. 59:15

CDC's Wallensky: "masking guidance doesn’t change with time" as she bemoans the "unfortunate" low numbers of cases but makes it clear she doesn't care about numerous scientific studies showing masks do NOT work 1:03:58

The merger of BigFood, BigPharma, and BigData that will operate through BigBox retailers to surveil you and your food and drugs 1:12:28

Democrat economist warns "debt could hit 130% of GDP in the next 10 years and boost interest rates". It's worse than he says 1:22:51

Gold’s imminent return as a money. Biden's sanctions have focused Russia and China on gold. 1:26:22

Biden’s “Ukraine First” policy. He's worried about their borders, not our; their defense, not our; their PENSION PLANS, not ours 1:41:00

Switzerland may be the first country to outlaw cashless society, not outlaw cash. 1:48:40

The advantages of cash, why you don’t need a digital ID to participate in the economy and ways to prepare and push back against CBDC 1:55:59

Discover is about to lose millions of customers after it told Reuters that it would target gun sales with the new merchant credit card codes. But they said they would not be the only ones. Will all credit card companies do this in just a couple of months? 2:07:49

Why are they doing this? They don’t care about profits. They don’t care about the marketplace. They only care about ESG 2:11:58

Woman sues White Castle hamburger chain for using her fingerprints without her consent and it may cost the chain BILLIONS 2:18:40

IMPORTANT: Tennessee bill would nullify any federal law, executive order, bureaucratic rule, or court decision that violates the Constitution. If you don’t live in Tennessee, get in touch with your legislators. And if you don't live in TN, tell your state reps to do something like this 2:25:50

The anti-freedom far-left is nothing more than a squawking minority of 10%. 2:37:14

Florida legislature overwhelming GOP offers money to homeschoolers but on the other end of the string are "tests" and a "Choice Navigator" to visit your family once a year and determine the educational needs of each child. 2:43:42

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