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2021 Night Vision: ATN PVS 7 Gen 3 on Wendy XFIL Helmet

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Published on 13 Feb 2021 / In Firearms

This is part of my two part review on a very cool and not so cheap night vision system. This video covers the ATN PVS-7 Gen 3 night vision monocular fitted onto a capable "Team Wendy" EXFIL LTP helmet. A Wilcox G11 swiveling NVG Mount with its claw plate allows for quick swing up/down versatility. You've seen this system in use in many movies.
If you don't know what any of this means and is confusing, I break it down for you here in this review of a proven military and issued night vision system. It's pretty darn cool.
Unlike a dedicated weapon mount, the PVS-7 monocular is strapped to YOU. It will allow outstanding pure darkness situational awareness and it works well. It's relatively lightweight, durable, waterproof, focusable, includes an IR illuminator, and probably will last your whole lifetime. The various Generations and resolutions are discussed and I give my recommendation where you should spend your money.
The Team Wendy helmet comes in multiple forms: polymer bump helmet (this one), carbon fiber lightweight version, and the impressive Threat Level IIA ballistic version (see links below). All are outstanding in their suspension system, CamFit cinch system, chin straps, Zorbium liner & padding, and accommodation for MOE rails and NV devices. The military uses these for good reason. Some philosophy on helmet use is included.
All in all this system is legit and versatile. For night sighting it is best coupled with an IR Laser module, the review of the Steiner DBAL A3 will occur separately here. I would highly rec' both of these items if you can take the cost and then pair them with the Olight Balder IR unit (below). This system will provide tactical advantage over the unprepared zombies that may seek you out!
Big thanks to TNP Donor "Trevor" for loaning me this cool system for review.

A lot of links follow, taking you to Pro 2A Optics Planet, great prices. Links will become ineffective over time:
ATN PVS-7 Gen 3 64 lp/mm night vision monocular, this is my preferred version: https://shrsl.com/2qwd7
All PVS7 NV at Optics Planet: https://shrsl.com/2qwd8
ATN PVS-7 Gen 2 night vision: https://shrsl.com/2qwd9
Wilcox G11 swiveling NVG Mount, shown (mounts in slot on helmet, high quality)
AGM Global Vision PVS-7, various grades, NL series, get a 3NL if you can afford it, white phosphorous versions here: https://shrsl.com/2qwdj
AGM PVS14 monocular: https://shrsl.com/2qwdc
Armasight PVS-7 Gen 3 Night Vision, more $$: https://shrsl.com/2qwdh
Team Wendy helmets, all are excellent, good prices here too: https://shrsl.com/2qwdo
Team Wendy Carbon Fiber helmet, mentioned: https://shrsl.com/2qwdq
Team Wendy EXFIL LTP helmets:
Team Wendy EXFIL SAR: https://shrsl.com/2qwtz
Team Wendy basic helmet, great cost effective host platform: https://shrsl.com/2qwdv
Team Wendy ballistic Threat IIIA defeating helmets, shown: https://shrsl.com/2qwu1 https://shrsl.com/2qwu3 https://shrsl.com/2qwdw (if it doesn't load hit blue Search button again)
Steinerr DBAL laser aiming modules: https://shrsl.com/2qwdy (if it doesn't load hit blue Search button again)
Steiner DBAL 3 reviewed: https://shrsl.com/2qwdz
Olight Baldr IR weapon light, preferred: https://shrsl.com/2qwe3
Olight ODIN weapon lights, impressive, 21700 batts for the full sized! https://shrsl.com/2qwe5
SureFire Scout M600DF: https://shrsl.com/2qwto
SureFire M640DF Scout Light Pro $300: https://shrsl.com/2qwtg
Custom name tape was made here, use a red background, silver letters, looks awesome: https://amzn.to/2IxNCaQ BLACK https://amzn.to/32CMIR2
Deep Blue's amazing watches, they're all xlnt: https://tinyurl.com/yahzkm8u

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bgrossman_8932 12 days ago

The included head gear is really terrible. You need a helmet for a stable platform.

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craig6363 14 days ago

Nutn, I'm requesting you to leave youtube altogether. They are communist and we should not support them at all. Be the leader and we'll follow. It may take time to get back to where you were, but true Americans will thank you forever.

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Jonathan Cooper
Jonathan Cooper 15 days ago

Love the videos, lots of great information.

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Yq397r 16 days ago

Love that SWAG!

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Jonhurley76 16 days ago

A red dot works great if you mount it further forward. I have mine on 45° mounts so I still have my daytime optics in place. The holosun 507c also works fantastic on pistols. It's Strang at first because you can't see the wepon just the retinal floating around. It's like a video game. I also use the delta point pro and the trijicon mro. All work great with pvs14. I run passive to avoid being spotted. If your enemy has and king of night vision an ir illuminator or laser are just as bad as running white light and red lasers. I like that the pvs only covers one eye. That seems to help with situational awareness and depth perception.

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