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2018 Blue Mountain Steel Classic

Jeremy "BigDawgBeav" Beaver
Published on 07 Oct 2018 / In Firearms

Blue Mountain Steel Classic: I shot this match for the first time last year and it is so much fun. Hitting those targets and watching them drop is satisfying. So I returned for this year, but now brandishing my Canik TP9 SFx and shooting the Open Unlimited division. That means break out the big sticks, it's time to sling some lead down range!

So I got the SFx, 2 32-round big sticks (w/ Taylor Freelance extensions for 37 in the mag), and 5 more 22-rounders. If I can't get the 25-35 steel targets with 1 of the big sticks and maybe 1 of the 22-rounders then I'm having a bad day!

Had some issues today with feeding. The 32-round Pro-Mags work great when I'm at my own range and practicing, figures I get feeding issues when on the clock. Was trying to save myself reloading pauses, but with the amount of failures, I should have stuck with my 22-round mags. Oh well.

What I learned:
1 - coated bullets and a compensator smoke the range something fierce
2 - fogged up optic and small targets do not mix
3 - make sure you knocked down all the steel before ULSC
4 - stop hoping a failing mag will work the next stage
5 - I have a lot of work to do with this gun to shoot better

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#fallingsteel #carryabigstick

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