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2.19.2020 - Lynette Zang on CoronaVirus Financial Impact, And Fiscal Risilience

Dustin Nemos
Dustin Nemos - 577 Views
Published on 20 Feb 2020 / In News and Politics

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 4 years ago

Breath in the Moment…

You find yourself in a world that is not your own… You see that “TV” has lied about every aspect and feature in this reality place……..., and you contemplate “your existence” no more as YOU KNOW you are in Purgatory…….., and the GAME always ends the same… And Still……., you want to save the world from the “ranges of death” that are going to befall all our Flesh……, and Blood….., and Bones bodies…., but you are Helpless in your “Corporeal” Temporal TEMPORARY Human Body Temple Avatar…? Has not each “of your days” been your own..., and have you not learned to smile “at your misfortunes” if you have lived through them??? Whom are these Monsters.., and Incubus., and Succubus whom seek “nothing more” then Lasciviousness Life Styles of the Rich and Famous while my people [lay in the streets] +=+ broken and beaten and torn from arm to arm and leg to leg from “every” WAR since the {Great Nuclear Hydrogen War} of 1853 T.L. to 1854 T.L. and Why did the Whole Wide World of PLANET EARTH “Cease to Exist” in 1850 C.E. ?????????

This would remain an unswerving Question “for the many” as they buzz around in their Cars and Bars as nothing more then “masses” of ANTS!!! People think só highly of themselves!!! They be sayin: Look at me, I Got Money!!! And yet, they walk past “my kids” on the streets them homeless men and wombmen from every WAR OF TERROR “by this” / * \ U.S. FLAG’s Invocations of these UNITED NATIONS…? My Anger “is justifiable” for I do see [{**}] and I do hear the Bombs and the Guns and The Tanks to the “Drones” killing, maiming, smashing, and trashing all of Man Kind [no matter] Our Religions, Our Skin Tones, Our Eye Colours, Our Hair Cuts to our Snappy G4S Academi BLACK WATER “Paramilitary” Goons!!! Pick up that Gun, “Shoot” that one, then shoot that one, and then shoot that one, and has that not always been “The Ways” of Your Churches of SATAN be it a “Synagogue to a Mosk” for the ROMAN GOD that Pope of the Vatican Bat Snake Corona COVID – 19 Plague from the Book of “Exodus” and Genesis and REVELATION of the Holy Bible all at once???

I must say…., I have “spoken” many words….., and wrote “many books” of Ink on Paper…..., but no matter when I come back as The Christ Jesus to the MOHAMMAD to {The Buddha} too any of the many “Hindu” Bible G.O.D. from Egyptian to Roman to Phonetician LORE……., you still deny you are a Person of Celestial Being “Spiritual” Soulful Decent…….., and YOU still seek to harm one another for “Land and Dirt” and Gold and Silver and Rocks……..., but when it comes to planting CROPS and [Helping Farmers] till the land to feed my people…., and yourselves..., you Military Goons and “Religious Baboons” and Governmental Croons are nowhere to be found!!!! Can you really think the Source of ALL CREATION.., and the Source of ALL DESTRUCTION does not “have a place” for each you whence you die??? Do you FREE MASON Lodges., and your INTERNATIONALIST Globalist lies and deceptions to “every nations” people and every nations flag and every nations Constitutions with your FAKE SPACE, and Fake DNA, and FAKE History shall “protect you” Weasels and Vermin from the Day of Reckoning “when I Die” for I am just A man be me Male and Female, and I know “what” you have done…

This Celestial Sphere Flat Dual Earth does not “have to be” a world of Duels too the Death!!! We do not have to be SLAVES to one another…., nor do we “need” any MASTERS to call [we the people] EMPLOYEE!!! I stand strong and say it with Great Wondrous Thunderous PRIDE!!! I am A Member, A Constituent, A REPRESENTATIVE and a person “of the people” of and for OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Human Coalition to take on and challenge all Pirates, Thieves, Brut's, Deplorable, Filth, Profane NON-HUMAN “Entities” in our Human Looking Bodies…., and I will no longer allow “Parasites” to enter into the minds of my babies, my children, my friends to even “mine enemies” for if the only reason [you hate me] is because YOU are no longer YOU….., and you have been wiped…..., and {copied and replaced} by THE MACHINE that EDISON in Santa Barbara California USA of FORCED “Satanic” Technology…., then SATAN Must and Will Die by “my allegiance” to this Human Race no matter our Speaking ways to Our Cult like RITUALISTIC WAYS!!!!! For to Harm “we Humans” is the Greatest Deceptions {we have all} been living in……., and “WE ARE” will no longer “put up with” this behavior anymore…

Johnny Exodice

When you learn new words and “big words” you become whole……..., and “you will” see through all the lies and liars….

The Commander~



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