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2.1.20 - Jim Willie - QE Infinity, REPO Market, East vs West and Coming Isolation of USA

Dustin Nemos
Dustin Nemos - 729 Views
Published on 02 Feb 2020 / In Film and Animation

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 4 years ago

The Drunken Rebel

It is February 2nd, 2020 C.E. and my people know whom I am, and I consider THAT had I not been born, then where would we have been??? Sure, there would be those whom talked of FLAT EARTH, but none would have believed them, and yes, the JADE HELM 15 would continue to kill and murder nonmason undiscriminatingly, and though we now know about MUD FLOODS, had I not gone to Santa Barbara and saw The Wiccan ROMAN Satanic Festival, then none would even consider the FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST have a Machine called The EDISON in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA that uses “Forced Technology” on our Celestial Sphere Home World of PURGATORY!!! My people allow me to get drunk, and they even let ME “pay for Sex” in the Strip Bars throughout America, and OUR 50 States FOR America, and why not??? Sexual Touch, and Gentle Touch, and “Good Sensations” are the way of we GENTILES…., and even though I am the Jew Whom did not Know He Was A Jew, I still enjoy the feeling and pleasure of a Well thought out Blow Job “be me” MALE and FEMALE….

This World of the “UNITED NATIONS” of Religions – Governments – Sciences, and still people are Arrested for Paying for Pleasure be it Intercourse between two “agreeable persons” too saying I can not ingest Substance when I wish to take a moment away from all the Racka, to THE telling of we of Pak-Toe THAT we can not GAMBLE to use the winnings to feed………, and “free” OUR PEOPLE from all these FREE MASON Jails…….., and Prisons where FREE MASON C.O.P.S. arrest we the nonmason people whom have “NO SAY” in the RULE OF LAW……., but our Taxes…..., and our Tithes to the “RELIGIONS” and the Regions of this world “would infer” that since we Pay the Judges….., and their kids to live like CITIZENS…., then “we nonmason” should as CITIZENS be treated to the RIGHT to say: We will have a Say in “THE LAWS” that are wrote..., and any LAWS we are tired “of paying for” shall be RETIRED!!! Have you ever considered paying a PROSTITUTE Would be só much safer if “The Strip Bars” where THE Whore Houses of Temple Priestess “to honor” we the People.., and Persons Whom “GIVE BIRTH” to we all??? Why must you “arrest” your mothers and daughters and sisters “for sexual fun” when you Sucked A Breast from the Day you were Born???

I have read all these “INK on PAPER” books of 1D Ink., and 2D Pages that make up the 3D Books of “Subjugation” too the ill treatment of our FEMALES… I have considered the WORD of God is nothing more then the WORDS “of men” saying: Hate the Womb??? Why would I ever want to “HATE” what gave birth to me??? Why would I make or pay for LAWS that say: To enjoy a female in sexual “endowment” is a SIN….., and Forsaken to mankind??? And why the HELL would I pay any RELIGION “to Cut my Dick up” at 8 days old….?, or as the “Koran-ians” Do……, Cut my Dick Skin off at 12 Years old!!!! You see…., the God of this World of Purgatory said: Enjoy one another, and reproduce “your love” for one another, só I do take that into CONSIDERATION when I look at all these LAWS from “France to England” From Australia to Canada to Any COUNTRY that says the ROMAN Catholic Church says SEX IS EVIL….., and we will “arrest you” and the FEMALE if we Catch YOU’M “paying to play” in ROMANTIC NAKEDNESS??? Whom are these “Sex Haters” that say: Lock up the Vagina…., and do not let “boys and girls” be playful, but arrest them if they make Places to Pay for Pleasure “in safe environments” and even using Condoms???

You,m see….., when it comes to being a MAN, I do not feel that Too Beat “the Female” down into Slavery is Right…., nor to Rape the Children is proper…., and yet, when “we nonmason men” wish to pay for Gentle “GENTILE” SEXUAL Encounters…., these FREE MASON Zionist Jesuits in our City Counsels, School Boards, Mayors, Judges, C.O.P.S. to all the way “up the latter” of these Pyramid People say: If we catch you paying for a Blow Job, we gonna Kidnap You, and Beat You, and LOCK YOU UP “for enjoying” your God Given Right to get a Hard on….?, and share that Pecker Power with any wombman “whom” wants to suck it, tuck it, or fuck it for money??? They say: The LAWS are based on The Koran, The Bible, and the TALMUD “of these” Hindu Zionist Jesuits RELIGIONIST??? Well, let me tell you this!!! In OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALTION, if we want to pay “for touch” and kind sucks and fucks, and the “ENJOYMENT” of being a Human Being…., then By “God Dammit” we will no longer be ARRESTED by your FREE MASON “Lodge Members” whom HATE Sexual Intercourse!!!!

Johnny Exodice

Since “ALL LAWS” in all Lands be they Muslim to Hindu “are based on” The Holy Bible…., then why must we say PROSTITUTION “is Illegal” when the Holy Bible says “Protestation” is LEGAL??? So whom are You’m Police Officers “to go against” The LAWS….., and The “WORD” of G.O.D. ?????


I say it is TIME we put The Bible and The Koran and “THE TALMUD” on Trial for if they were the REAL “WORD” OF our Creator….., they would not harm us…

The Society of nonmason~

If you do not KNOW how to dance and have ROMANCE, then get the Fuck outta my way!!!

The Red Gloves of the Yellow Vest and the Brown Hats of the White Coats….

When you Forget how to make LOVE to a Wombman….., you forget how to make Love to Your Self…. After all my people, you’m did come out of a “VAGINA” did you not “be you” Male and Female when you were born here in PURGATORY???

The Commander~


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