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1Feb23 The Collapse of Trust and Institutions and the Coming World War

David Knight
David Knight - 268 Views
Published on 02 Feb 2023 / In News and Politics

OUTLINE of today's show with TIMECODES

Will Biden end the "pandemic emergency" (for a third time) 4 months from now? GOP pushes to end BOTH emergency declarations immediately — so how will Democrats vote? 3:11

Be careful what you ask for. Fed Approval for All Jobs is NOT a Response to Immigration. Instead of addressing the root problem, businesses that don't beg federal approval for who they hire are having their businesses licenses taken. Do people realize how this will be used? 10:12

DeSantis is taking licenses from businesses that don’t push E-Verify, another means of ID and central control 20:13

Even some diehard forever-Trumpers are having second thoughts but is fear of Trump paralyzing GOP? 26:51

Hulu’s 1619 Project has a novel (and totally false) idea that the American Revolution was fought to stop Britain from ending slavery. But getting it right is not even a concern with Hulu or Hannah-Jones. Timelines matter. So does the truth. 33:11

Fourth Turning and what the pandemic has done to the "Trust Horizon" 59:08

Biden poses in an electric car with a higher carbon footprint than a gas-powered SUV. 1:22:38

It’s the energy, stupid. 1:25:54

The EPA’s mission has gone full circle — from its stated purpose of cleaning up toxic waste dumps to pushing technology that will create toxic waste dumps 1:33:10

SMART infrastructure: Toll Roads for Dummies 1:40:36

Colossal Biosciences announces plans to resurrect the Dodo using genetic engineering 1:52:23

Militant pedophiles and the public & legislative pushback in Tennessee & Arkansas 2:00:41

What is the meaning of “adult” as in "adult entertainment? Although it's restricted content for minors, the term was NOT about age 2:17:35

Trad vs Trans. The benefits of so-called "trad wives" 2:20:58

Ukrainian government wants more weapons, faster and faster. 2:34:46

Retired Lt Col whose experience is tanks says different tanks will do NOTHING but convince Russia that they're in a desperate existential fight 2:40:28

Bombastic buffoon Boris Johnson says Putin threatened to kill him via a missile strike. 2:51:16

Company with ties to Hunter Biden features prominently in bioweapon document stash found in Ukraine 2:56:20

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