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1989 Stopping The Coming Ice Age - Global Warming or Cooling- Greenhouse Effect.mp4

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Published on 22 Sep 2022 / In News and Politics

1989 Stopping The Coming Ice Age - Global Warming or Cooling- Greenhouse Effect
The Memory Hole

The End: The Coming Ice Age - Global Warming/Cooling, Greenhouse Effect - Documentary (1989)

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goosegatherer 16 hours ago

"Scientists have recently discovered".......this over used protection blanket has been used by hundreds of conmen who pretend to be scientists. These fools who lead the masses by their nose have , by slight of hand , successfully obtained massive grants to prove their lies to the gullible masses. We only have to examine the last 50 years of failed projections for these desperate grant chasing conmen to be exposed for their LIES about climate issues. The joke of these foolish idiots who were stupid enough to make their failed projections public now have to hide from the public because of their worthless predictions that land would disappear under water, that Glaciers would disappear, that Polar Bears would be extinct 25 years ago have only proven that everyone of these conmen failed scientists really are NO NOTHING OPPORTUNISTS....The current cov19 scam is a classic example of allowing idiots to take control of any situation for the soul purpose of making money from the gullible masses. Even the local village idiot has no confidence in these scammer scientists....NONE OF WHICH STILL HAVE NOT ISOLATED OR IDENTIFIED THIS IMAGINARY BUG....but want the world to believe there are now variants of this never found imaginary bug....The world must look to replacing every doctor ,nurse , and scientist who have deliberately LIED TO THE WORLD for the purpose of making huge financial gains AND breaking every oath these con artist swore to uphold. There is only ONE PLACE to put ALL VERMIN

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Lillie Mercy
Lillie Mercy 3 days ago

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