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1960's Textbook how to measure the earth. Solar compass operation, Theolodite, Curvature of the ea

spirit warrior of the mist man
Published on 18 Mar 2023 / In Science

A circa 1960's textbook on attempts to measure the earth and govt. regulations. Using a Solar Compass, Transit, Theodolite and steel tape hoards of surveyors were sent out across the earth to do the best they could. Before the advent of a GPS it was a hardscrabble task to try your best to get it right. Magnetic declination shifted every year but yet their charts were only updated every five years. Many unusual situations came up m. Often they tried so hard yet got it so wrong using government regulations. This is more procedural manual operation and equipment and not following lively conversations of great you tubers such as Kent Hovind, Rob Skiba, the Jeranism and Eric Dubay etc. You will be on your own using this resource to explore Flat Earth concepts. Enjoy this glimpse into the past. Astrolabe attempts. McIsencraft

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