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17Mar23 With Captions Big Step Toward CBDC Coming in July: FedNow, then FedCoin

David Knight
David Knight - 280 Views
Published on 17 Mar 2023 / In News and Politics

OUTLINE of today's show with TIMECODES

Macron enjoys his new powers as dictator — unilaterally raising retirement age without legislator. But a "no confidence" vote won't take him out 2:27

Macron’s wife and the lawsuit over her being an alleged transgender. But it's a known fact that she was a pedophile 6:09

Protest in Greece. 12:38

Dutch farmer’s movement, in opposition to Davos puppet Rutte BANNING FARMS, becomes largest party in the senate. 15:08

Three quarters of the farm and citizen movement believe that provincial governments should have the power to enact distinct policies from the national government. 21:10

Green Party is the big loser as people rebel against their Marxist takedown of society — in Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany 23:52

FedNow is coming in July 2023: What is it? A big step toward CBDC. 29:21

Eleven of the biggest banks coming together to bail out First Republic Bank with $30 Billion. Out the kindness of their heart? Hardly. Ask why First Republic, which was in worst shape than Signature, was not shut down. 52:10

It looks like there was insider trading shenanigans going on at First Republic as well 1:01:44

Russia mocking the western banking crisis, mocking sanctions that are a firewall to them being affected by the banking failures 1:04:33

AI Pushed Suddenly Pushed Everywhere, For Everything, All at Once. From passing every grad school exam with flying colors to tricking humans and being the tyrant & cybercriminal's best friend, AI is being rapidly rolled out without any ethics. It's already weaponized against patients by insurance companies. 1:08:19

Drone's Location Shows US Forces Deep Into Ukraine War Zone. You can tell form the range of the Reaper drone 1:36:12

The San Francisco Bay Area has now banned gas furnaces and water heaters. Biden IS banning 96% of gas ranges — now through arbitrary NEW RULES from the Dept of Energy (another unconstitutional agency created by Nixon) 1:52:11

The Federal Government has no legal authority to ban anything. 1:57:38

INTERVIEW Banks & War: 2 Sides of Same Coin. Tony Arterburn,, looks at the rapidly unfolding financial events of the last week, the push for war, and the shotgun wedding of China & Russia 2:03:35

Ronald Reagan’s last act as commander in chief. 2:25:14

How close are we to a kinetic war? 2:28:02

WATCH Fauci, Birx, and Trump celebrating lockdown 3 years ago, that would destroy lives, livelihoods and liberty. But for some reason conservatives don't call out the grinning Donald Trump. 2:56:09

St. Patrick's Day — Karen and I had our first date 49 years ago!

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marvelous garbage

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