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13th January Update Current News - Simon Parkes

10 Things
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Published on 14 Jan 2021 / In Entertainment

I do not monetize this channel. The information is provided for education purposes and as a way to have an extra copy linking to the original post in case removed.

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Crabby Appleton
Crabby Appleton 10 days ago

I really think Simon has a pulse on whats happening.

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LLLaman 10 days ago

they are experimenting now in Ft Worth if you have dog outside ? You better tie him down bc he will blow away ! I noticed walking different places in my town its ICE COLD and others its very warm ! I walk around a lot bc i have a 10 mile a day dog ! : O Pray for me ?

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Truthscope 10 days ago

Finally someone confirms what i have noticed. I thought i was just been too American. Lol BBC 0 news. Just all the bed news about trumps. Case dropped, Trump incites Violence, Trump Impeached. Crazy

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10 Things
10 Things 10 days ago

This is the age where discernment and intuition will prove to be most valuable. Kudos to you for having the strength to stand against the pressure to align with the masses!

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