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12Dec22 Governments Accelerate CBDC; "Catastrophic Contagion" Germ Game; Musk - Saint or Satan?

David Knight
David Knight - 208 Views
Published on 12 Dec 2022 / In News and Politics

OUTLINE of today's show with TIMECODES

Davos says: Gig work will be the predominant mode of work within five years.

Davos wants you ignorant: "Over time, technology will enable financial stability and discipline without the need for people to gain relevant knowledge."

If they control reality, it’s not reality

CBDC to be in place, on or BEFORE THIS DATE…

Stop using the term “woke” and call it what it is.

FedNow is CBDC with plausible deniability. Two paths to CBDC are running now in USA

The contours of how people are going to be pushed out -.

As I predicted climate will be the justification for coming after crypto (in addition to tax evasion and evading sanction)

Eliminating local banks and central bank money.

INTERVIEW: TN State Senator Frank Niceley joins to talk about what’s happening in Tennessee with a state bank. Can CBDC be blocked at state level? Can a state bank help us during an economic crisis?

What is the status of efforts to set up a precious metals depository in Tennessee?

The advantages of having a state bank. Look at North Dakota's experience

"Catastrophic Contagion" Oct 2022 — they're STILL playing Germ Games and they're going to run the pandemic again

Despite Congress blocking military jab mandate, while it's waiting on Biden's signature the Pentagon is still kicking people out

What’s going on in the world of social media.

Elon Musk, transhumanist who became the world's richest man by implementing what the globalists in every country wanted, is now the new idol of the Christian Right.

Gun shops and customers are claiming that credit card firms and banks are restricting their firearm purchases.

Climate protesters glued themselves to the podium at a concert and to a road — but the joke was on THEM

Retired Navy Seal who "transitioned" — and was celebrated by Michael Flynn for doing so — speaks out about the gaslighting of children after he’s come to his senses.

New terminology for the murder of mature babies by the Associated Press and their "style book".
2:54:05Can a state bank block CBDC that will create an open air prison for us all? Can it help to blunt the Fed's financial mismanagement? Will local banks become our allies as they realize that CBDC will destroy them all?

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partypoet66 4 months ago

they found a way to shut you down because they're saying your player isn't supported on their site I don't know what you said would you mind I have a channel on this site as well could you show me what I missed out on and by the way you can make your credit cards absolutely free

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Kaiya Ruan
Kaiya Ruan 4 months ago

Wait, wait, wait...are you really Bill Cooper?

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expat1689 4 months ago

Isn't the music you use at the start the same music that Bill Cooper used for his show back in the day?

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