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108 Wisdom Is Justified Of Her Children Luke 7:31-35 1 of 2

Gregory Miller
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Published on 20 Apr 2021 / In Non-profits and Activism

CURRENT EVENTS UPDATE: We show a short video made early Sunday morning around 1:15 AM when BLM activists invaded the property of Pastor Greg Miller stealing signs and coming to the front door of the home in order to attempt stealing a flag, defacing the American Blue Lives Matter flag. We also discuss the exaggerated Coronavirus infection and death rate numbers.

In our study, we see that Jesus ate bread and drank wine but never was gluttonous or drunk, yet the false reports about him were that the was gluttonous and was a "winebibber". And instead of teaching this fact, Funnymentalist Pharisees have tried to "fix" the Bible to match their own standards and made a mess of things. So, we treat the text as it stands and urge everyone to do likewise.


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