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1/10/23 The AxeTruth Show - Losers Love Lies

Axe Truth
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Published on 16 Jan 2023 / In News and Politics

It's apparent that losers love lies & losers like to tell lies, to support their dysfunctional ideology. What's up is down , down is up, wrong is right , & right is wrong.

1. We lost a trailblazer patriot and woman of God , Diamond of (Diamond and Silk) has passed away . She will be missed but she will be etched in American History

2. Former Atlanta council member Antonio Brown , mayoral candidate pleads guilty to fraud charges

3. Joe Biden caught hoarding classified documents at DC Think Tank Office

4. Joe Biden gives Ruby Freeman ( who admitted committing voter fraud 2020 election) receives medal for voting rights history

5. Mammy Ruby lying claiming she was targeted

6. Ruby Freeman on video taking ballots out rerunning them through the machine

7. Ruby Freeman Body Cam Admissions Revealed In The Georgia Ballot Scanning Scandal
a.) Mammy Ruby Freeman- "...and he said the count was really low, are all the ballots counted?....BOOM! under the table. Cut the zip ties, to scan them so the number would go up
b.) Ruby Freeman admits she know its fraud & need an Attorney

8. Fox & Friends calls those who do not vote for Kevin McCarthy "insurrectionists" and "saboteurs

9. McCarthy on Democrats Committee Assignment... Trump in charge
a.) Rules for 118th Congress

10. News reporter strokes out on live TV. She has confirmed on twitter as recently as last year that she has had several COVID vaccines

11. Bill Maher calls out the stupid reactions and policies to Covid19
A) 8 Vaxxed (NFL) Players All Suffered From Either Heart Attacks, Strokes, A-fib, Cardiac Arrest, Blood Clots, & A Few Other Things medial claims its football injury

12. Bill Maher Checks Neil Degrasse about how other countries that handle it differently didn't have nearly the deaths that the US claimed

13. The triple vaccinated are the most likely to die of COVID-19” Now we also know - the more boosters the more likely to get infected

14. Neil deGrasse Tyson melts down when asked about the efficacy of Covid Vaccines

15. Claims that the Vaccine STOPS people from getting the Virus
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