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'We are going to war with MEXICO' Trump says Biden sold USA out!

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Published on 27 Nov 2023 / In News and Politics

Check out Overrun:
Investigative journalist and National Security expert Todd Bensman recently shared insights on pressing issues surrounding the United States' southern border. In a discussion prompted by interviews with General Michael Flynn and Colonel Douglas Macgregor, Bensman delved into the perceived threat of an invasion at the southern border.

Both Flynn and Macgregor expressed a belief in an ongoing attack on the United States through border infiltration. Bensman was queried about the appropriateness of deploying the military to address this issue, drawing attention to the potential risks associated with extended military presence and contrasting it with the stringent border controls in other countries.

In a notable segment with Tucker Carlson, Bensman explored specific areas where individuals were amassing, raising concerns about the infiltration of potential terrorists and malicious actors. The conversation touched upon FBI Director Christopher Wray's allusions to the presence of terrorist cells within the country, hinting at the possibility of future attacks on U.S. soil.

Given the escalating border crisis, Bensman was asked about his recommendations for the southern border if consulted by a future president. This inquiry highlighted the perceived lack of plans from the current administration under President Biden to address border issues comprehensively.

Bensman, the author of "Overrun: How Joe Biden Unleashed the Greatest Border Crisis in U.S. History," shared insights into the escalating danger posed by cartels. Their significant financial gains from human trafficking, in addition to drug smuggling, were emphasized, raising concerns about the heightened risks associated with their operations.

For those interested in following Todd Bensman's work closely, he provided a link to his book, "Overrun," and was asked about the best way to stay updated on his insights and investigations. The discussion encapsulated critical aspects of the border crisis, national security concerns, and potential strategies for addressing these challenges.

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