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'Vaccines are not immunizations' You've been warned

Daniel J Towsey
Daniel J Towsey - 202 Views
Published on 19 Mar 2021 / In Health

Filmed by Daniel J Towsey, The Visionary Folk Photographer

See Nuclear Devices Used at WTC GROUND ZERO
911 WTC Planes Videos Proven To Be Fake See full article here.

911justicehalifax.wordpress com

WAKE UP Geoengineering is killing our planet.

chemtrailsinourskies.wordpress com

Link to complete 911Justicehalifax play list.

Proof that WTC 911 Plane Videos Were Faked By Media
Go here to stay up to date on new releases of information on 911.

"911 is an emergency call
to the whole world to wake
up and realize that this planet
needs to be rescued from
the grips of the insane.

That can only be achieved
by feeding the people food
for thought that was grown
from the seeds of truth."

Learn more at danieltowsey.wordpress com

The Doom Generation

Dumb lazy brain dead people are going to be the death of this

planet for their lack of participation in speaking up to protect

this planet.. The GMOs..the foliage dying, the chemtrails, the list

of insanities is huge..and the dumb people wont even learn the

truth about anything..Like I said..If humanity is not guided into

the future by truth, then we are all doomed... Now you know why

this generation is called the doom generation..because the Doom has be generated by the criminally insane corporate criminals and their employees..

TheNibiruSunset.wordpress com
See my Model Photography Portfolio at

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