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BREAKING: 'Widespread Voter Fraud' - Four Democrats Charged Criminally
107 Views . 30 days ago
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VOTER FRAUD BOMBSHELL: Judge OVERTURNS Election After 'Mountains' of Illegal Votes Votes Found 🚨
129 Views . 1 month ago
We were told this was a "conspiracy theory"..


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Still No Answer On INSANE Social Security Data, Looks Like Voter Fraud
114 Views . 3 months ago
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Texas Social Security Data Looks Like MAJOR VOTER FRAUD, Trump 2024 Panic
167 Views . 3 months ago
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BOMBSHELL: Mass Georgia Voter Fraud EXPOSED At SHOCK Hearing '200K Fake Ballots, Evidence DESTROYED'
251 Views . 3 months ago
Will we ever know the truth about 2020?!


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Phantom Voter Fraud is Undeniable!!!
165 Views . 4 months ago
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“That’s a LIE” - Candace Owens and Chris Cuomo Heated Debate Over Voter Fraud & Voter ID
318 Views . 4 months ago
Patrick Bet-David hosts Candace Owens and Chris Cuomo LIVE from Valuetainment's 5990 Live!

Joining Patrick, Candace and Chris are Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana. In this clip, Candace and Chris debate if requiring photo I.D. to vote in U.S. elections is racist.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

New Polling Shows The Real Results Of The 2020 Election Before The Voter Fraud For Biden
214 Views . 5 months ago
New Polling Shows The Real Results Of The 2020 Election Before The Voter Fraud For Biden

IGP10 473 - Voter Fraud Proven.mp4
440 Views . 5 months ago
This is the best analysis of "The Steal" you're likely to see anywhere.

Video by: Mr. Reagan:


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We caught Google scrubbing CNBC article that says Epstein committed suicide on JUNE 25, 2019 in a North Vietnamese war bunker In Hanoi. You simply MUST SEE THIS
Follow-up... They covered up the boo-boo

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Democrat ARRESTED For Mail In Voter Fraud, 2024 Election AT RISK Over Mail In Voter Fraud
239 Views . 5 months ago
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Mail In Voters ADMIT TO VOTER FRAUD In 2020 Says New Poll, Trump Will WIN In 2024 As Democrats PANIC
435 Views . 7 months ago
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Mail In Voters ADMIT TO VOTER FRAUD In 2020 Says New Poll, Trump Will WIN In 2024 As Democrats PANIC

Hunter No Show, Mike Gill Trump Has 3 Moves, General Flynn & RFK Jr?  20% Mail In Voter Fraud In 2020
380 Views . 7 months ago
Hunter Biden says Joe was not involved in his business dealings in dramatic press conference given yesterday in Washington D.C. where Biden accused the Republicans and Maga of "turning his dads love into darkness." Republicans have now started a contempt of Congress proceeding against Hunter Biden. Joe Biden reacts to the House Impeachment inquiry by blaming Republicans for the Border and other issues. Senate passes 866 billion dollar defense policy bill. Zelensky visits Joe Biden in Washington D.C. as Biden asks for 61 billion dollars more in Ukraine funding. Biden is considering expelling migrants without asylum screening and expanding deportations and detentions in an attempt to pass funding for Ukraine. Zelensky says its insane to give disputed land to Russia. Will Zelensky soon try to engineer a peace treaty as pressure builds on him? I examine Mike Gills information on the Michelle Moore show. Mike Gill is a long time whistleblower who is intimately familiar with the pandora papers and how elites stash their wealth offshore. Will President Trump open up Pandora's box and expose the elite's and their hidden wealth? Ritzy Colorado resort town Carbondale warns it is buckling under the influence of illegal aliens who came there because they heard there were jobs. Poll says one in five mail in voters committed voter fraud in the 2020 election. 21% of voters said they had filled out a ballot in someone else's name. Trump's J6 case paused by Judge pending appeal. Harvard's secret plagiarism probe into President Claudine Gay. Mike Johnson compares himself to Moses, why? Sam Altman warns AI could threaten 2024 election with "sophisticated troll farms." Is Zelensky having peace talks in Switzerland? Illinois NAACP leader forced to step down after video surfaces of her calling migrants rapists and animals. Bodies of two Israeli hostages recovered in Gaza. The Pandora Papers exposes the rich and their offshore tax havens for their riches. Will Trump open up all the Pandora's papers and open Pandora's Box? How does law firm Baker McKenzie help the rich offshore their cash? They make 20 percent of their annual profits in this way. New York University and Columbia would lose tax exempt status in newly introduced bill. Slain Hamas commanders brother captured by Israeli and giving up intel on October 7th, attack. Boston Social worker 32 accused of posing as "traumatized" 13 year old at three different high schools. French actress who accused Gerard Depardieu of sexual harassment commit's suicide the day documentary into the actors lewd conduct premiers. Milwaukee D.A. ignored 354 potential cases of illegal voting. Meta has threatened to delete important information in case underage users were exposed to predators. Will Ireland turn to Conor McGregor to lead the country, could he win? Moroccan illegal alien who praised Joe Biden upon entering the U.S. from Mexico now is homeless in New York City with no employment. Boy 11 found dead in migrant shelter lobby with shoelace tied around his neck. One in five Americans aged 18-30 think the Holocaust was fake. New York court throws out congressional maps in blow to Republicans that could have national consequences in 2024. Seattle high schooler marked incorrect on quiz for saying only women can get pregnant. If men can get pregnant then please show me where the "Male Uterus" is. It does not exist. Boy 13 arrested for planning a mass shooting at Temple Israel synagogue in Ohio. Poll 17% of African Americans support Trump, up 9 points from 2020. Boston Mayor Michelle Wu faces controversy after planning Christmas party with no white people invited. Tesla recalls 2 million cars in the United States to fix system that monitors drivers using Auto pilot. Tech CEO who kept his assistant as a "sex slave" hung out with Kevin Spacey at the World Economic Forum, where the alleged victim claims he tortured her. Covid 19 delayed repairs to Bronx building that partially collapsed. Ailing Pope Francis says he has already picked out his plot outside the Vatican and wants a simpler funeral service. Taylor Lorenz makes wild claim that New York Times journalists are only able to espouse "right wing opinions." Police in Los Angeles mount undercover surveillance teams to crack down on retail theft mobs. Embattled Harvard President Claudine Gay attends menorah lighting service in attempt to repair her image after widespread antisemitism backlash. The View host Joy Behar tests positive for Covid. Supreme Court accepts case challenging January 6th obstruction charges. More news.

(Whistleblower Mike Gill on Michelle Moore Show)

RFK Jr. On Epstein's Plane Twice, IDF To Flood Gaza Tunnels, McCarthy Out, Guyana Oil, Democratic Voter Fraud
341 Views . 7 months ago
In a stunning admission on Jesse Watters show on Fox, independent Presidential candidate RFK Jr. admitted to flying twice on Jeffrey Epstein's plane and to going "fossil hunting" with him in South Dakota. He also noted his ex wife had a relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell. Kennedy denied ever visiting Epstein's island. Images appear to show Israeli troops preparing to pump seawater into Gaza's underground tunnel system. Will this identify every entrance to the tunnels and force out everyone inside? Kevin McCarthy announces he will retire from Congress and will leave by years end in a stunning fall from power. Hamas refuses to release ten female Israeli hostages out of fears they will tell others what they were subjected to while held captive. Military helicopter carrying five senior Guyana military officials vanishes near the Venezuelan border as former British colony appeals to the United States for help. Trump's poll numbers pose challenge to Joe Biden. Will he step down soon? Mayor Eric Adams to visit Washington D.C. after previous trip was cancelled due to FBI raid. Will the Biden administration give New York any money after its mayor criticized the President? Cox media heir James "Fergie" Chambers with 250 million dollars of his families inheritance money to spend, on promoting communism and plans anti Israel protests from his farm in Massachusetts. Democrats election win voided after vote fraud discovered. Swiss Bank Banque Pictet admits to hiding Americans income from the IRS. New York City comptroller strips Mayor Eric Adams of power to strike emergency deals with contractors without approval as city spends 1.7 billion dollars to cater to 146,000 illegal aliens who have come to New York City. After Adams was found to have negotiated 200 dollar a night hotel rooms from the Roosevelt hotel which is owned by the Pakistani government. The rooms were only being cleaned 3 times a week. Why wasn't a lower nightly rate negotiated? Hunter Biden's direct payments to his father coincided with Chinese transfers bank enquiries. Joe Biden continues to deny interacting with any of Hunter Biden's business partners as more evidence comes out that he did in fact communicate and meet with them in person also. First brother James Biden ducks impeachment deposition. GOP oversight committee threatens Hunter Biden with contempt of Congress, if he doesn't appear for closed door testimony. Christopher Wray says the FBI couldn't admit that Hunter Biden's laptop was real because it was an "election season." New house report asserts special treatment was given to Hunter Biden by the DOJ. Hunter Biden got a staggering 4.9 million dollars from his "sugar brother" Kevin Morris. Were any taxes paid on these monies? Israeli forces surround main Gaza refugee camp. Hamas terror chief Yahya Sinwar's home surrounded by IDF troops. Israeli's continue to arm themselves in record numbers with as many as 3000 gun permits being given out per day. Out of 250,000 gun permit applications received the government has processed about 20,000 so far. Freed hostages and relatives slam Netanyahu in private meetings. Small Illinois town approves China's 2 billion dollar EV maker Gotion's plant after local opposition. Virgin Galactic shares tumble after Richard Branson says no new investment will be made. Democrats are afraid Trump will do to them what they did to him. But why didn't he do that in his first term? Pfizer facing lawsuits after failture to disclose DNA sequence in its Covid-19 vaccines. Why was Simian Virus 40 and other things used in the vaccines? Moody's cuts China's credit outlook to negative on rising debt risks. CVS to slash prices on prescription drugs after major overhaul of business model. Wisconsin 2020 alternate electors settle lawsuit claiming they were not "duly elected." IRS whistleblowers testifying on Hunter Biden behind closed doors in House Ways and Means committee. Automakers seek to remove AM radio from new cars, why? Gold bars previously found in Bob Menendez's home belonged to New Jersey businessman accused of bribing him. Sean "diddy" Combs accused by fourth woman who claims she was plied with drugs and gang raped by Combs and two friends. Never mind a second term can we make it to the end of Biden's first term? Mexico halts deportations and migrant transfers due to lack of funds. California firm to pay 3.8 million dollars for illegally employing children. Federal judge strikes down handgun sales to 18-20 year old's. U.S. Air Force improperly released service records of GOP candidate to DCCC research firm. Everyone is upset about civilian casualties in Gaza but where do the statistics come from and how are they confirmed? New York county executive launches primary campaign against democrat Jamaal Bowman who infamously pulled the fire alarm at the Capitol and was not punished for it. Illinois bill would require blood donors to disclose Covid-19 vaccination status. Governor Newsom cancels Christmas tree lighting ceremony after threats to disrupt the ceremony by Pro Palestinian group. Texas AG, The Federalist, The Daily Wire sue Biden's State Department over attempt to "silence citizens and publications they disagree with." In 2021 Congress gave Joe Biden 7.5 billion dollars to build electric vehicle chargers, but not one charger has been installed, where's the money? More news.

🚨 VOTER FRAUD From Coast to Coast: Election Official INDICTED For ALTERING 2020 Results, DEAD VOTE!
336 Views . 8 months ago
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Law Enforcement BUSTS MASSIVE Voter Fraud Operation CAUGHT On-Video | 'That Is NOT My Signature' 🚨
502 Views . 8 months ago
Officials are looking into allegations of voter fraud in Massachusetts, after video shows a woman removing ballots from a ma's mailbox


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Elon Musk BREAKS Internet With BOMBSHELL Video Evidence Of Voter Fraud | Judge OVERTURNS Election 🚨
433 Views . 8 months ago
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Elon Musk BREAKS Internet With BOMBSHELL Video Evidence Of Voter Fraud | 'You Can No Longer Deny It'
447 Views . 9 months ago
Elon Musk is speaking out against the the recent election fraud in Connecticut. How often is this happening?


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Law Enforcement BUSTS MASSIVE Voter Fraud Campaign, Democrats CHARGED With Smoking-Gun Evidence 🚨
241 Views . 9 months ago
More Democrats are being charged.. but it was all just a “conspiracy theory”..


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