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Sharing information flow destroying the 3d matrix is my game. If you want to share any of my videos please do thank you for your attention. I enjoy sharing information and helping others with their ascension. I enjoy commenting on the world as I see it, the fake matrix, politics and world events and my thoughts on life and more :) I have also decided to become a citizen independent journalist/pundit until the completion of the 2020 election process due to incoherent and inaccurate coverage and outright falsehoods. Thank you so much for your attention. When this craziness all ends I will go back to just being a regular dude. :) Thank you,

UPDATE: July 5th, 2021. I have been doing this about 10 months, we still are not free and the crimes of the cabal that has ruled over us are not exposed fully. I will do what I can to make it to the end of the movie and to also, like Snake Pliskin, to Escape NY. It is an honor to do this punditry work and be with you my friends. Peace and love to you.

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Truth Social: https://truthsocial.com/@AshNY

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