Cav Trooper 19D
Cav Trooper 19D
United States

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Resume: US Army Cav Scout. AOC: 19C. ROTC: University of Pittsburgh. ABOLC: Fort Knox. 1st duty station Conn Barracks, Schweinfurt, Germany. Train regularly w 3 friends in SF from Ft. Bliss. 1 I was best man at his wedding and God Father to his daughter. We’re a tight group! Have since transferred to PAARNG
Channel: Tips/tricks for firearms, tips/trick for training with a particular firearm, reviews, firearms, antique militaria, US Army Cav, mechanized warfare doctrine, military, 2A (2nd Amendment), reenacting, etc. My main firearm education with small arms for civilians revolves around the M4/M16, AK-47-74 intermediate cartridge firearms. Glock, CZ, M1911 and M9 pistol respectively. I used the M2HB and M240 daily on the 120mm M1A2 SEP, but has no merit for civilian firearm video use as I am still currently in the military and have to be somewhat conscious of military tribunals/court martial, lol! satisfying YouTube and Army leadership wanting civvi’s to enlist ;-). Education in Soviet Small arms, RPG, RPK, PK, PKM, etc. “SCOUTS OUT!”