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Yup, that right, I said it and I meant it....

Tessa Cunningham
Tessa Cunningham - 146 Views
Published on 11 Jul 2020 / In People and Blogs

All words and typings are all IMHO:

Background: Dennis Leary I'm an asshole. Classic

WTF is wrong with people thinking the government or billionaires are going to be our savior's, have they saved us yet? NO. The government has only created more poorness. How is it the billionaires haven't saved us yet either, with all their money????
The government is suppose to be small and accountable but We the people have let to them go unchecked, for way to long now. Trump, like past presidents only grow the government and have no accountability, and puts us farther in debt as a nation. It goes to show, well to me anyway that, no matter who the president is, they are nothing more than a puppet.
I think we have to many socialist type programs already, we don't need more. How bout the people get to keep their money and donate to the cause they want, ya know, like, FREEDOM, of choice. That's what this country is about, the FREEDOM to choose for you and your family. To work hard and achieve the American dream.
UBI us another tax payers money theft. Yang isn't even footing the bill, I missed that til the rewatch, his nonprofit is. Yang needs to prove it first, with his own money, show me you actually believe what you preach.
Instead of communism being pushed let's push personal responsibility and maybe have high school students do volunteer work, teaches responsibility, teaches, helping make your community better.

Have a blessed day
and know SPIRIT loves you

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