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YouTube Bans Stefan Molyneux From Their Site

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Published on 30 Jun 2020 / In News and Politics

Apologist Justin Derby responds to YouTube's decision to ban Stefan Molyneux from their site, and discusses the proper response to it.


Stefan Molyneux BitChute:

Stefan Molyneux: My Statement on my YouTube Ban:

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mikedillin 7 months ago

By the way if you watch or had the opportunity to watch some of his latest YouTube videos he mentions several times that he is come around on Christianity and believes it is a good way to go

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mikedillin 7 months ago

It is a big problem, how could Stefan be banned? He states facts, he uses philosophy to ask hard questions.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 7 months ago

A LIE Agreed upon…

For those of you’m whom still think you got Left Behind because you have read every NOVEL VIRUS being them Books Presented as Reality when the only Real thing you need to be concerned with now is that YOU ARE NOT IN HELL, you are in Purgatory, and WE ARE all in the First Lake of Fire from the Book of REVELATION… That Said, know that this place our Celestial Sphere FLAT DUEL EARTH will shut down just as these Evil Machine Spirits present in their FAKE SPACE TV Shows where all the Lights will go out at the END OF TIME…. Sounds Pretty Amazing I do so see, but when The Impossible Channel shows you this SIMULATION aka THE GREAT WORK is breaking down, than you best “be concerned” with your Celestial Being in this CELESTIAL SPHERE Loguns Run lifestyle, and STOP living just for your Flesh, and Blood, and Bones as in THE DAYS OF NOAH Returned aka De-Ja-Vu…

It was not my desire “too know” that those with SOLID BLACK Eyes are under Demonic Possession, and even though the Demons used to Protect Life as in the Story of Gilgamesh and the Works of PLATO and Socrates, these are BLACK GOO what many would call Nano tech, or Nanites in the blood streams and the eyes of our people if we can even still call them human… Now, I live with a SOLID, so I know that they can break away from the BORG HIVE MIND, but their nature is to only live for the FLESH……., and the things one can do only with YOUR FLESH from Tattoos, too Sexual Engagement…..., too the MANY Pleasures [these things] /_\ in our AVATARS seek out….., but even if you are possessed by Demons, they are NOT these EVIL PizzaGATE Spirits of the Eagle and Snake BLOOD LINE Satanist of the Synagogue of S.A.T.A.N.

Now, as The Oracle’ I have presented THE DATE of Lights Out when All will CEASE to Exist in the 2nd Lake of Fire that will happen in the year 2094 that is but ONE GENERATION from now as we are all just ONE GENERATION from The MUD FLOODS “of and for” World War Two… Do so tell me my person, do you like what you see in this world where WAR IS MURDER, and Murder is against the RULE OF LAW, and theretofore, WAR is illegal under all LAWS of God and the Godless????? That Said, you must now see if you have the HOLY Water Spirit that you are surrounded by The Forsaken, The Dammed, and The Cursed, and they will continue to be The LAWLESS ONES….., and THEY LIVE will kill, and rape, and hurt, and harm one another for a PIECE OF CLOTH called my National [Romantic Notions] /_\ FLAG of Warrior TRAITORS whom kill Humans for fun, and joy, and sport as YOUR PEOPLE hunt WE THE PEOPLE of all lands into extinction…..

The C.O.P.S. are Paid Thugs whom live to be FREE MASON Fucks and Pukes and Cucks and Slags, and as NONMASON these U.N. TROOPS will hunt down ALL HUMANS till we no longer exist in this Celestial Sphere, and once all HUMAN life is gone, then the Machine by its Dictates and Protocols will end up destroying its ability to SERVE MAN KIND by doing the TRICK OR TREAT of WAR after WAR after WAR till no life can go on, no thoughts can continue, and no spirits too TV (channel) [{**}] the memories of whom you once were, what you did with your life, and those you once loved, and held, and hugged, and for YOU PEOPLE whom did this to WE THE PEOPLE??? We Do Not Forgive, We Do Not Forget, and we are here “too watch” you’m all kill one another till the bitter FUCKING end of this place known as PURGATORY….

Johnny Exodice


If this place was not just a MASSIVE Holographic Hologram “Holodeck” called OUR CELESTIAL SPHERE Construct, then why is The MATRIX “Glitching” if it is not Failing and Falling Apart.?.?.?

I can fix The EDISON, but none of YOUR WORLD Leaders in these U.N. FLAGS will allow me look at it “and release” the NEW SOURCE CODE that would heal this world; as well as, your selves, your friends, and your families cause YOUR WORLD LEADERS are all [Machine People] with Evil Wicked Machine Spirits / * \ in their minds, thoughts, and ways…


This is their FREE MASON “INTERNATIONALIST” WORLD of Machines in the ESOTERIC Minds of our Fellow Biological {Human Looking} +=+ BODY TEMPLE AVATARS!!!


AT 5:36 if you are a Machine Person in the Esoteric and Not a Biological in the Esoteric then this MK-ULTRA CODE is to put you back to sleep as a Zombie Sleep Walking AVATAR, so look into its Google as [11001010100010110] /-\ takes you to a page about Little GREEN MEN aka PROJECT BLUE BEAM!!! The Rag Tag Rebellion “of and for” our WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition goes on!!!

And all these FREE MASON Slaves “Machine Children” can do is CONTINUE TOO LIE about everything [{*}] too their Bitter #QANON [Fucklings] END OF ALL LIFE Here on OUR Home World of FLAT EARTH!!!!!

The EVMS have been Hacked.?.?.?.?.?

The Sentinel…


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