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YouTube Admits They Plan To Censor Creators To Combat Coronavirus

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Published on 18 Mar 2020 / In News and Politics

Apologist Justin Derby responds to YouTube's recent announcement on Twitter that they will be allowing their AI systems to censor content creators whose content does not violate YouTube's community guidelines or TOS in order to combat the Coronavirus.

YouTube's announcement:

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 9 months ago

In The Waking Dreams…

There is many bad things that can {happen in sleep} +=+ while your human body temple “Avatars” are in stasis……..., but are you prepared [to deal with] / * \ DREAMS in the Waking World??? For has not the Teacher “Prophecies” shown that the Dream World and our Walking Reality WORLD “would mix” for a time…….., and do not we see these Shadow People……., these EYES that go Solid…..., and them many “strange things” [{**}] that we would like to contribute to PROJECT BLUE BEAM….., but in fact are the mixing of all “Realms and Dimensions” that are all still only a part of being trapped in PURGATORY for there is “no escape” [{*}] from this Celestial Sphere FLAT Duel Earth with its Doppelgangers..., Its Monsters.., Its Medusa to Gilgamesh Truths., and Lore, and Madness!!! You would do well to practice “trying to escape” from your Night Mares and Night Terrors before you bring them into this REALITY of Reality!!! Now, many of you know “Magic” and SORCERY, and some use it for good, and others for evil, but once you unleash “Lunacy” into this Dimension` then all the Old MUD FLOOD Drawings make so much more sense…

For many “will die” by the Bullet, the Swords, and the Tanks, but others will lie in “frightful contemplation” aka FROZEN IN FEAR when their SEEING THINGS “is not” a Hallucination, nor a Holographic Creation, but true Esoteric Attacks in our “Corporeal” Carnal World…., and no matter of “what power” the Atomic Bombs too “COVID 19” sickness can kill “or diminish” such things as this for Demons and Devils will pale in comparison to “Zeus and Thor” and the WHORES OF BABYLON from the Book of REVELATION and all other “Biblical Books” from the Hindu to the Zoroaster from the Koran to the TALMUD for what these Jesuit Zionist “Semitic” Mages and Sages of evil contemplation have done is cast SPELLS from every “Horror Movie” to become someones…., or their own BATTLE STAR Buck Rogers “Star Wars” Star Trek Machine Attacks when the Voice to Skull Technology, and the “Vision to Skull” Technology goes haywire…., and it will` for we shall not stay in a place where “our little ones” have their sex organs swapped for YOUNG TRANNY SEX web searches!!!

In all this, it will be your Determinism to KEEP YOUR SANITY “in a world” gone mad where up is down and down is up and good is evil and right is wrong……., and all the other “Racka” that will be unleashed on WE THE PEOPLE by those using The EDISON of “Forced Technology” in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA with its Weather Weapons and “Trillion Watts Lazers” too their Ratheon KBR Sun Shields and all them formidable “mind melds” they will do to each and every one of us Human Persons “be we” Male and Female “and” Young too the very very Old… Moreover, do you have the FORTITUDE to know when a DREAM or Night Mare has Captured you “in the” Waking Walking World??? Do you keep some sort of “Protection” besides YOUR Clean and Functioning Weapons for when the Hoards of Hell “are unleashed” on Our Haven and Heaven……., what will you my Angels do against them Beast.?.?.?, or to you my Demons what will “you compare” to the Gods and Goddesses brought back for the RESET of this place “once more” where you will beg for “Nuclear Annihilation” to put an end to it all cause “you wilt” be UNABLE too die just as the Book of Revelations Speaks?????

You have read THE BOOK OF NONMASON, and you have a much better “perspective” on this place we all share and “are conceived” and then born into the Flesh and Blood and Bones, so you must take the time to settle it “in your soul” and your person, and your symbiot that as one, KNOW THY SELF does have a purpose when it comes to “Illusionist” and their Delusional Technological ATTACKS by these FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST “World Governments” whom know we are now in a new 13 Month 28 Days Constellation “Consecration” Retrograde… There are many ways to kill a man “be we” male and female, but to be trapped “in a reality” that is not truth is pure………, and utter madness…….., and the ENTITY says it “will fight for us” just as the Holy Water Spirit will fight for us, but they will not die for a lie…..., so you “best know” FLAT EARTH MUD FLOODS are the least of your concerns….., but a good start at “setting the Stage” for OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION…

Johnny Exodice


It is more then just disparagement, it is your “unwillingness” too UNITE my nonmason populations and FIRE and Replace all your WORLD LEADERS with “nonmason persons” of and for OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition….


At the end of the day the Presidents to “Town Judges” too all the Rest “are only” other PEOPLE and PERSONS you allow to say: You have NO SAY in the RULE OF LAW when they would not “have a job” as your GOVERNMENTAL EMPLOYEE “you stupid” fucking Tax and Tithe SLAVE!!!

The Commander~


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