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You Have Two Options: Liberty or Bondage!

Misanthropic Monk
Misanthropic Monk - 179 Views
Published on 23 May 2021 / In Spiritual

Part 3 of my multi-part series on Natural Law and your God-given rights.

Topics discussed:

• President Biden’s warning to the American people of their “two options”: Get your shot or wear the mask. Is this legal and should you obey?
• What is the difference between a just, legal law, and an unjust, illegal law, and what can help you make that determination?
• The powers and the limitations of the Legislative Branch.
• Examples of Biblical heroes who resisted laws that violated their God-given rights.
• Quotes from John Locke and Richard Hooker describing the legislative process, and the difference between just and unjust laws.
• The importance of spiritual exercise, and using discretion for Christians to determine what laws should be obeyed, and what laws should be resisted.
• The importance of conscience and its unfortunate disappearance in our day and age.
• Why Christians must not be indifferent to government’s over reach of their civil and religious liberties.


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