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WW3 BABY, US APPROVES Sweden Finland Joining NATO Defying Russia As China FIRES Missiles Over Taiwan

Tim Pool
Tim Pool - 298 Views
Published on 04 Aug 2022 / In News and Politics

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JamesRoss 1 year ago

It is my conclusion that WW1 had a fake ending on Nov. 11th .
11/11 is a masonic lucky number
The WW1 troops were dumb-founded that the war instantly ended which bewildered them to no end that they wasted their lives as soldiers while the Freemasons ran and commanded the war as "the officers" who never saw the battle-fields... just sent the "zombies" who were willing to go kill and die.

WW3 is just the third war where the sheep are tricked into slaughtering themselves... artificial sides of combat while the "officers" (freemasons) demanded the "zombies" to kill or to die.

On April 1st, 2020, Trump stood behind a podium where the US Seal was removed. I believe that was when the third phase of the world war continued.
The illusionary war was Aryan-Germany against the non-aryan heathens.
The aryan of Germany were brainwashed that their genetics was purely connected to the ancient Atlanteans and were a tribe of genetics that succeeded in creating the Atlantean Empire that suddenly died due to an act of God... so it was not fair in their imaginations.

Tim, have you discovered the Velikovsky book "Worlds in Collision?"
There is a Australian professor who has this revealing interview which I like very much because my physic education tells me Thornhill is truthful:

If your understanding of physics can help you to believe Thornhill is correct, then who were those ancient people ruling that Proto-Satrurnic solar-system (likely millions of years)? Were they the Lumanians the Sethbooks describe? I believe the Remnant-Lumanians are the ancient-thUgs commanding the Freemasons of today. Freemasons are simply their sheepdogs and we are the awakening sheep who refuse to be culled like a herd.

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