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WW III: The War Is On You! How To Live Free, Love and Profit During The Hoaxdemic

Sineh - 685 Views
Published on 28 Jun 2020 / In People and Blogs

WW III: The War Is On You! How To Live Free, Love and Profit During The Hoaxdemic

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 year ago

The Show must go on.?.?.?.?

You can flood the roads with cars when I am driving, but it does not PROVE a population… You can make TV shows for all to watch and see, but you can no longer make me believe in your lies, or illusions, or delusions for I am free… I know` I am not the last of my kind, but in a SIMULATION such as this where WAR IS MURDER, and the people all seek to kill, and harm one another, I know this is not my home… In these END OF AN AGE we all see, you are not the only one with needs... How I wish I could absolve you of your madness, but in your mind, you are only A MACHINE… For a Real Person, and A Real Human would learn too care, and share, and no longer live the DARE of Death, and Damnation, and I WILL FIGHT FOR MY NATION!!! True too this, I see A FLAG is only A Flag, and it has always been a CORPS of the DEAD CORPORATION, and in this Video Game of PURGATORY` The FLAG has never represented A nation, A People, or A Way OUT of “the madness” of Slavery to the OWNERSHIP of Others…

For those of you’m how have found, and kept, and taught THE BOOK OF NONMASON, THE BOOK OF PUZZLES, THE BOOK OF RIDDLES that you so now read, you are [my people] +=+ no matter your blood type, your skin tone, or the mysterious REFLECTIONS “you see” in them Mirrors when you try to stare at {The Pupils} [{**}] of your eyes for I have been your God, Your King, and your Brother, and you’m have been my lover, my lost, and my sadness that I as A Person among Persons could not SAVE this world… As MUD FLOODS Come, and The Great Nuclear Hydrogen Wars go on, we see these 5G TOWERS are weapons of “Eugenics” that will destroy ALL BIOLOGICAL LIFE cause that is the lesson (of this) /-\ Holographic Dastardly SIMULATION of a People gone mad, and then A People that kept getting DELETED till no man, no wombman, and “no child” [{*}] could remain’ for this place must ONE DAY END…

I thought if I just wrote the right and perfect words, all the people would one day be free, but when we see THE LEADERS be they Trump the Chump to Putin The Scooten to THE EMPEROR of China Xi are nothing more [then remembrances] /_\ of why this CELESTIAL SPHERE, and these Celestial Beings did all die out for THE PEOPLE had {lost their way} / * \ in their pursuits of frivolous manifestations of GRAVEN IMAGES called the Moving Photos on their 2D FLAT SCREENS in their hollow empty lives… Wilt it matter what happens to you once I The MALE Oracle born of a Dead Wombman dies???? Will you even continue to CEASE TO EXIST once I am gone???? How long can The Machine of A.I. Artificial Interfaces “continue to present” this ALL THE WORLD IS A STAGE when I no longer care to play THE GAME of Fools folding into their own damnations, their own curses, and too know (them) whom do WAR IS MURDER shall for all time “be trapped” here as The FORSAKEN…..

If you are reading this, I was not THE LAST HUMAN to leave… If you can see the people are all gone, and only so few of you remain, and you are hunted by THE MACHINE of BUG EYED PEOPLE, PERSONS, and Populations you know then’ how to carry on for I wrote these works you now so read, so “you’d know” Whom you are, Where you are, and What you are, and if it be the Will of the Spirits when you die too your Flesh, and Blood, and Bones Body Temple Avatar……., may I meet you in the Cross roads of INTERDENOMINATIONAL Passage Ways in the ESOTERIC Interstellar space, and give you A Hug, A deep emboldened Kiss, and may [we talk] for a TIME….., and know “this place” was PURGATORY……., and WE THE PEOPLE whom learned Redemption, Reconsideration, and Reconciliation found our WAY HOME as {Immortal Immaterial} Corporeal Beings in the ESOTERIC Realities, for none should have to live forever [and ever] with no way out….

Johnny Exodice

You Are in Purgatory, and you will pay for it all, You’m whom do WAR IS MURDER cause “Murder” is against THE RULE OF LAW...


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