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WTF are These "Conservatives" Promoting? (Crowder, ABL applaud Stewart's Lab Conclusion on Colbert)

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Published on 17 Jun 2021 / In News and Politics

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What we're seeing here is an about face on a long-held and popularized MSM story - that the cerveza bug originated in a "wet market." This tactic is consistent with trauma-based mind-control - lead the propagandized masses down a mental road, then flip the script on them, guiding them off into a SEEMINGLY different direction while BOTH stories (the wet market story and the Wuhan Lab story) lead to the EXACT SAME destination. The result is that many will continue to believe the original story, while the "enlightened" ones take a different path. Both factions argue about ORIGIN while both dig in deeper, acknowledging (passively or actively) EXISTENCE. In the end the Zio-bankster-run corporate media machine and their social engineers get what they wrote the script to achieve - the biggest power and wealth transfer the world has ever seen - THE GREAT RESET. Now governments continue stealing wealth and land in order to "fund" the "antidote" for the "protection" of the unthinking masses. If you get something out of these videos, please like and share. Also, subscribe to my alternate channel GreaseMonkeyVideos where you'll see interaction content, man-on-the-street interviews...etc.

Sources: Page 42 Paragraph 2; sentence 2
NBC Nightly News Broadcast for Jan 23, 2021: (minute mark 13.39)
ABL vid:
Crowder vid:

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