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World War 3 & Killer Vaccines: Welcome to the New World Order – FULL SHOW 3/1/22

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Published on 02 Mar 2022 / In News and Politics

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Top globalists are scrambling to wield multiple crises to subdue the masses and usher in the Great Reset! Watch & share this link to stay ahead in these volatile times! Also, special guest Roger Stone breaks down EXCLUSIVE intel on today’s broadcast the globalists DO NOT want you to hear!

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Model-Nutty 4 months ago

been 9-10 years since ineligible CIA tool "osamabama",
"legalized" propaganda and psychological warfare against the American People.
been 5-6 years plus since Google absorbed and began destroying YouTube.

Ukraine, dope and human trafficking, bio weapons labs, money laundering,
this isn't a war, its a cleanup operation, that THEY want war because of!
hunter, pelosi jr., rumnut whelp, and many more got claws in Ukraine.

Taiwan may make Ukraine look like a picnic, all the same crimes+criminals.
we're just supposed to sit down shut up and accept evil as "leaders"?
pedovores and D.U.M.B.'s are not a joke.

their WORLD health organization, regards human beings as fleas/roaches.
meanwhile the real parasites are killing the host, always, with OUR money.

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MoralitySheriff17 4 months ago

Harrison, how many miles outside Kiev is the Russian convoy? Boom! Lol.

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