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Winter Solstice Energy Field Activation - December 2021 - Todd Bryson

The Human Collective
Published on 27 Aug 2022 / In Spiritual

Todd Bryson - Akashic Records Practitioner | Agent of Change
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Welcome to healing affirmations from the Akashic Records! The Akashic Records offer us all the unique opportunity to evaluate the human condition from a higher perspective, allowing us to call forward the energy needed to transform that condition to meet our needs.

The winter solstice is seen as a spiritually important time because it marks the shortest day of the year. For many people, this is seen as a time of renewal, when darkness gives way to light. In many cultures, the winter solstice is also seen as a time of celebration, marking the return of light and hope after a long winter.

How to Open The Akashic Records - A Guide For Beginners

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