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William or Bill Cooper on Population Control

Rod of Iron
Rod of Iron - 173 Views
Published on 13 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics

William Cooper tells of his finding from research on U.S. government funded bio weapons for populatoin control.

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Murder Evil
Murder Evil 22 days ago

William Cooper is the only Solid evidence you need to show that Alex Jones in nothing more than the King Gate Keeper of the Truth.
When Alex Jones constantly talks bad about Mr. Cooper.
Mr. Cooper who was put on FBI most wanted list and then killed by the FBI at his own house for simply telling the truth.
Yet Alex Jones is not Assassinated or even an attempt of assassination against Alex?
If they want you dead, You will die. That Simple.
They murdered princess Diana for her plot to expose the Absolute Evil of this Ancient Secret Satanic Cult.
They Murdered JFK who was going to expose their Mass Satanic Child sex/Torturing/Terrorizing/and eating of our children for adrenachrome,
Their elixir of life...
Chris Cornell of Audio Slave and Chester From Linkin Park,
Both best friends, both were about to blow apart the Cabals Insidious Plans for The Mass Global Public.
Both of them were "suicided"
A term for those murdered by order of the Cabal and spread around the CIA controlled media to call it suicide even though there are an overwhealming amount of evidence supporting a conspiratorial murder.
Every Police Department officer/investigator who found horrifying/shocking physical evidence of the Clintons, bushes, etc preforming these horrific satanic ritualistic Sacrifises and defiling of our children have all been mysteriously killed....silenced.....
9 out of the 12 officers who say the Hillary Clinton tape of what she and others did to a poor innocent little girl were found mysteriously killed.
i can go on forever, i can write 1000 books 1000 pages each and still only cover a tiny fraction of what is actually going on.
"Trust the Plan"
it would be a comforting thought indeed to have Trump and the military outing these Cabal Satanic Criminal Society and saving the world from evil bringing us into 1000 years of peace as quoted in revelations from the holy bible as the QAnon would have you believe.
Sadly, if you read revelations you will see Christ himself said.
I do not come in the name of peace, in come in the name of war.
There will be no salvation until christ does indeed come back to take back what is his.
We will ALL experience the true horrors of hell save for those few who are righteous enough to gain entrance into the kingdom of heaven.
Fear not, for those of us left, we will experience pain, agony, torture and everyother single thing to be considered bad/evil or worse,
But we have this last chance to cry out to GOD for our forgiveness.
Remember That,
QAnon is nothing more than another Psyop...

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