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will the UN be right this time, will Johnson and Johnson get their vaccine out?

Tessa Cunningham
Tessa Cunningham - 64 Views
Published on 13 Oct 2020 / In People and Blogs

ALL words and typings are all IMHO:
Aren't you tired of being told you are going to die and now you will go to the needle because of the fear and panic the government has caused.
The UN has been wrong on every prediction but sure I am gonna believe them this time. Clean the forests up so we don't have unmanaged forests, my state can't figure out after all the money they have stolen from the tax payers how to make it work.I
You cannot sue a vaccine maker, so even after all the trials and all the stats are in you can't sue them if it harms or kills your loved one or you. to me that says companies either do not have enough faith in their own product and Congress said we agree with you or they just outright don't care about your life.

If 1 life to the corona, you know cold and flu, is to much to lose for us then how many deaths is acceptable for the suicide that has been committed? The abuse where the abuser sexually assault and beat and murdered the abused? How many children are suffering because of this new EXPERIMENT the government has us in? How many people are farther in debt because the government deemed them unessential and shut their entire life down? Their lives don't matter, their loss doesn't matter. is everything that comes along with what they have done to our great and wonderful country is it worth it? Was it worth to harm the economy over made up numbers? Was it worth harming people's lives? Why are we allowing rich, elite asshats to decide these things for us? When did you lose your free will?

Have a blessed day
Jesus is our KING and Savior

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