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Johnny Exodice
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Published on 10 Aug 2020 / In Film and Animation

The FOOLS and The Foolish

You can not Defeat PURGATORY for you were Born into this Celestial Sphere, not the creator of it, and though many of you would rather not Spend your Time Reading the NEW TESTAMENT, and the Words of I Christ Jesus 1.0 now that I am returned and walk among you as Christ Jesus 2.0 the answers you do so seek lie in these many books made for the public to be read by the public in your PRISON Cells of House Arrest known as STAY AT HOME, or we U.N. Troops will shoot you DEAD DEAD DEAD for our FREE MASON Liars – Thieves – Cheats!!! You know that MURDER, and Too Kill another Human of Flesh, and Blood, and Bones is against THE RULE OF LAW, and your Gods, so do not do’ or even PARTICIPATE in WAR IS MURDER for that is the game of the UNREPENTANT!!!

That I would have to kill and murder you cause you do not want a McDonald’s A.I. Robot in your small home town is all WAR has actually ever been’ for there is no Honor Blowing People away be they 3 years old, or 13 or even 33 be they Male and Female, and if you can not see Joining ANY Military is doing the Will of the Devil, and the Gin, and the Evil Spirits [filled] /_\ with so many sins……., then Pick Up A Gun, and point it at your own fucking HEAD, and say: Yeah!!!! I want to KILL PEOPLE cause I AM a People!!! For you do not die or kill for WE THE PEOPLE, but only “them” Talking Heads on your TV Screens and all these ACTORS saying (COVID19) is real whence it is not…

A wise person would get out of the Big Cities before all these Lebanon Beirut HYDROGEN Weapons begin too fall from the ICE WALL in and on our Father FLAT EARTH for Mother Heaven was only made to feed all humans, and animals, and plants with her Rain… I know you know we are Born into PURGATORY to be judged whence we die….., but so many still fall for the lie of FAKE SPACE, and Faked TV Moon Landings for they forsake, and cursed, and spoke God Damn You to “Their God” for far too long in every Hollywood to Bollywood “Movie” that makes VIOLENCE not a crime against WE THE PEOPLE of Mankind be we {Wombman} with Child…., or Father with Wife…

Let the Simple Minded Ones watch their [U-Tube Actors] Q’ and laughing at their unseen Disaster while WE THE PEOPLE are all out of work, but somehow THOSE PEOPLE whom live off our Taxes known as our Employees these Governments have All the money, and food, and drink one could DESIRE to do WAR GAMES and burn us with fire!!! It worries me not` that they live in the UNDERGROUND Cities waiting for all we their Fellow Citizens TOP SIDE too die because they now call themselves GLOBAL CITIZENS and “Peacekeepers” of these U.N. FLAGS… The Internet is NOT the Problem….., nor {The Solution} +=+ for it is [only a part] Majestic 12 of The Game known as The Purgatorium…

Johnny Exodice


If somehow we The Rag Tag Rebellion STOP the U.N. From Nuking “Seattle” Washington USA on Election Night of 11-03-2020 C.E., you’m will still have [to contend] Q+ with the Malfeasance of the {NEWS} World Order till the END OF TIME in the year of our LORD in 2094 C.E.


The Young “should be” More Redeemable than the Old, but if you do not KNOW you’m are a Child of God, then you’m never will… Wheretofore, is it not such Fantasist “fascination” that so many have so little SELF WORTH that they continue to LIE on the TV Screens when [they know] Q we are all going too die by THE MACHINE known as The EDISON of Forced Slave Labor A.I. Mechanization??? Just look at them “Human” Bones Buckets on all your TELEGRAPHIC Power Lines!!!

The Sentinel…




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