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Why You Need to Know How The Subconscious Mind Works

The Human Collective
Published on 26 Sep 2022 / In Science

We will explore why you need to know how the subconscious mind works, and how to reprogram your subconscious mind to help you better navigate, the various ins, and outs, of life. it is easy to get overwhelmed with information. Information overload is very real, and There are treasure troves of vital knowledge, that often get lost in the shuffle. The subconscious mind, is often one the topics, that falls victim to getting lost in the shuffle. There is so much information on the matter, that we often find ourselves tuning it out altogether, and missing out on unlocking a vital key, to gaining better control of our existence.

So, the subconscious mind, before we can understand how it works, we should first explore a brief explanation of what it is. The subconscious mind, works as the autopilot function of your mind. There are 3 aspects of mind. We often focus on 2 of the functions, the conscious mind, and the subconscious mind. There is a third aspect, the superconscious mind. Your higher self, or The god force, if you will. The superconscious mind, is often rarely discussed, and is equally as important, as the other 2 aspects of mind. But, that is perhaps, a topic for another day. However, just know that the super conscious mind, is the aspect of mind that is all seeing, and all knowing, and is always connected to the unseen planes of existence. The subconscious mind works as a bridge, between the conscious mind, and the superconscious mind, and although there are 3 aspects of mind, it is very important to know that there is no separation. It is easy to get caught up in the separation, and categorization of things.

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