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Published on 03 Aug 2022 / In News and Politics

The MAG Man Explains and shows us all what we already knew about this Masonic character Floyd. Question: how does somebody scream out loud 12 to 1 times plus other stuff he said if he can't BREATH? - Last i checked in order to say anything ONE MUST BE ABLE TO BREATH! - also remember people; he (Floyd) also said "i can't breath" the first time they tried (more like acted out) to put him in the patrol vehicle. Also take a look how no paramedics show up, those too are either police or crisis actors - also..what's up with all these people with crocodile tears? none of these relatives, sisters? at 30 minutes into the video they supposedly show his sisters, just take a good look at them, especially the one on the left - SHE'S ABOUT TO BUST UP LAUGHING! ALL THIS IN THE MIDDLE OF A LOCKDOWN - ALL OF A SUDDEN IT WAS OK TO GO OUTSIDE AND PROTEST AND DESTROY THE CITY AT WILL..OF COURSE THEY WHERE BEING CHEERED ON BY PELOSI. THAT ONE LADY THAT CLAIMS TO BE THE VICE PRESIDENT(I'LL POST THAT SHORT VIDEO LATER ON BUT LOOK AT THE HYPOCRISY, THEY WANT TO CRUCIFY PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR THE EVENT'S OF JANUARY 6TH...during that speech he never called for violence, NOT ONE TIME...PULL UP THE VIDEO AND WATCH IT IF YOU DOUBT WHAT I POST...YOU SHOULD BE DOING THIS ANYWAYS ..NOW PELOSI, BETO, BOOKER AND ALL THOSE LEFTIST CLOWNS ARE DOING IS REALLY CALLING FOR VIOLENCE...HARRIS EVEN SAID "THEY'RE NOT GOING TO STOP BEFORE THE ELECTION, DURING THE ELECTION NOR AFTER THE ELECTION..THAT'S A DIRECT QUOTE. ANYWAYS. ..JUST TAKE A LOOK AT HOW WASY IT IS TO FOOL THE SHEEP STUCK IN FRONT OF THEIR TEL LIES VISION..OH OH,,,AND WHATS UO WITH WYNEL SEXTON? - WHAT TEACHER HOLD ON TO A CHILDS PAPER FOR THAT LONG AMOU8NT OF TIME AND "WYNEL SEXTON" (ANAL SEX) (MANY OF THE NAMES OF RELATIVES YOU WILL NOT FIND ANYWHERE ELSE ON THE WEB) always look at how they smear stuff like that right in your face like that one guy Killborn (another crisis actor)

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