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Ukraine Update June 27, 2022

WHO Convenes Emergency Monkeypox Meeting; Germany Prepares for Gas Ration 5/22/2022

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Published on 22 May 2022 / In News and Politics

Conservative convention, CPAC, meets in Hungary with speakers like Tucker Carlson, Jack Posobiec, Candace Owens, and Viktor Orban. The WHO convenes an emergency meeting on Monkeypox, just as world leaders are about to meet and vote for a global pandemic treaty. European MEP, Christine Anderson, warns that the WHO Pandemic Treaty “aims to give the WHO de facto governing power over its member states in the event of a pandemic, without involvement or consultation with national governments or national parliaments.”

"This so-called pandemic treaty is the single, greatest global power grab that any of us have seen in our lifetime," says GB News Host Neil Oliver

Canada's Rebel News has a new must see documentary Introducing The Reset: The Great Reset Docuseries
German industry is reportedly preparing to institute gas rationing in Europe’s largest economy as Vladimir Putin’s Russia cut off shipments to Finland, which has launched an application to join the NATO military alliance. In more fallout of this insane "war", food planting in Ukraine is down between 25-30% as the country struggles to export already harvested produce.

Left Expected to Oust ‘Centre-Right’ in Australian Election Amid Record Mail-In Voting, some people are saying that Australia has fallen with the single cry of, "help!". All of that and much more AHEAD! Read More:

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caborhart 1 month ago

It's time to play football again......y'all ready for some football......some full contact, brutal ass whopping football.......We'll from my vantage point, I see no other options for a game that will meet the objective of beating the living "hell" out of our opponents.....a game to put us back where we the top of the heap.....the beacon of hope and light we once were. Look at us now, our opponents did an end around and we all missed reading the play while they inflicted their damage on the field. All our coaches want to do is make up stories to make us feel like we don't have to worry about it because they'll find coaches that all have the right stuff, the mojo needed to turn our game play around. In the mean time, our opponents keep exploiting our weaknesses and know they can run their effective plays with little or no one on our team, especially the coaches, seem to have the know how or backbone to take the fight to our opponents......we have to make some significant changes in our overall game strategy soon or our opponents will continue to hit us harder and more physically because we don't do a damn thing to stop their offensive prowess. There is a team out there called the Patriot's who know just what needs to be done and exactly how to do it to virtually dominate the game once again.....this team is tough, experienced, battle hardened and armed with all the right stuff to take the "National Title" back from the arms of the aggressive opponents we are facing question to the leadership is, what the hell are we waiting for? Are we going to let are adversaries run all over our team without unleashing hell on our opponents....It's time for a huge Prep Rally to put the catalyst in motion to dominate the League once again. What say you.....

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Kaiya Ruan
Kaiya Ruan 1 month ago

yah n the ppl in srilanka are like a test for us. u cn totally see whats going to happen. they predicted with monkey pox 200 million people would die.

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ziggy784 1 month ago

$ monkey pox....oy veh....✡✡✡ KOSHER CLUB✡✡✡ who is in the middle of the $$$ Mon(K)ey $$$ ✡✡✡ KOSHER CLUB✡✡✡

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Ukraine Update June 27, 2022