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The Analyst (New Real Media)
Published on 05 Dec 2022 / In News and Politics

Elon Musk of Twitter has opened the back-end communication of Twitter to investigative reporter Matt Taibbi to go through big controversial stories and follow the rabbit hole of how they can to be.
To start, Elon Musk and Matt Taibbi decided to start with the Hunter Biden Laptop Suppression story that was labeled Russia misinformation and then turned out to be 100% real and damning.

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In the future Matt Taibbi will tackle how the government used back channels to demand certain groups and people be silenced, shadow banned or banned, proving the US government was heavily involved in suppressing our first amendment rights.
He will also dig into how Twitter was used to manipulate and suppress people and information around the topic of covid. Much of which turned out to be true and helpful. So lots more bombshells to be revealed in the coming days.
Here is what we know so far. Journalist Matt Taibbi is known for being an excellent journalist. However, many journalists and supposed journalists are hating all over him online for exposing this story.
We’ve learned now that Twitter had private back channels between the government and Twitter employees. We’ve also learned almost all of these back channels were for democrat communication. So hidden communication channels and private email accounts.
We’ve also learned the government and FBI were having weekly meeting with Twitter on what communication was allowed, who was allowed and who should be removed.
The Biden administration had deep connections and favors with Twitter while Joe Biden was running for President and even now while being acting president.
There is a huge lawsuit between Louisana and Missouri Vs the Federal Government for people like Fauci and Jen Psaki calling for people and posts to be removed at the governments request.
I do want to point out there were also favor requests made from the Trump side to reinstate people or review a post.
It’s also become very obvious that the democrat party has a much deeper relationship with Big Tech that republicans. For example it was discovered Twitter donated $165,969 to democrat leaders and only $451 to republican leaders.
On October 14th, 2020 The New York Post, one of the oldest and most respected newspapers in the United States broke a bombshell expose that linked Joe Biden to many bad or illegal business dealings with foreign countries such as Ukraine and China to name the biggest two.
The post was blocked very soon after and Twitter went into full panic mode. They suppressed a major news story in favor of one presidential candidate.
This is when the chatter on twitters internal comm system went crazy. They had suppressed a major news paper and news story. The company simultaneously started working with their teams and lawyers on a good reason to keep the story blocked. While other teams were working round the clock to block the story anytime someone else posted it. The story was also disabled in twitter chat so it couldn’t be shared.
The white house was blocked from sharing this story. The White House press secretary was blocked form sharing and then temporarily banned.
This is when democrat representative Ro Khanna of California used his private email to send a message to twitter that this seemed to be a violation of the first amendment and he was willing to chat with twitter.
Twitter refused and later said Freedom of Speech is not absolute.
So a few terrified democrat leaning twitter employees decided your freedom of speech as an American is as important as their opinion of Trump and Joe Biden.
Its now been revealed that Representative Ro Khanna was the only democrat leader to fight back on this. Everyone else was totally silent as they needed this story to go away.
Journalist Matt Taibbi who covered this story said back on Oct 24th of 2020 that the cover up of this story and the suppression of Americans freedom of speech was now a bigger story that the crap on the laptop.

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