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Amazing Word Ministries
Published on 27 Mar 2021 / In Film and Animation

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Pr. Emmanuel Nougaisse

"For so hath the Lord commanded us, saying, 'I have set thee to be a light of the Gentiles, that thou shouldest bring salvation unto the ends of the earth." - Acts 13:47

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

The Triad of Linux – DOS – Unix

Youm have wondered how can we all live inside A Machine known as The Great Construct called the Great Work known as our Celestial Sphere Home World of Purgatory… You know Computers make the Reality we all share called the EDISON A.I. of Forced Slave Labor CORPORATIONS a world of Dead People using Avatars too pretend their Flesh, and Blood, and Bones bodies still reside among the living: when the Moon La La is a reflection of our Dead Home World Earth… You know The Bible, and The Koran, and the Hindu Text are just {a few books} that are the CYPER of the CODE of WE THE PEOPLE whom are The Dammed, The Cursed, and The Forsaken, and youm know the word God means “Spirits” in its true Rabbinical Form of Hebrew, and From the Greeks Mythologies where youm do so too have more [inclinations] of this SIMULATION Holographix VR System, as our ancient remains lie below this (FLAT EARTH) the Northern Hemisphere in the {D.U.M.B.S.} and the underbelly of FLAT EARTH is the Mechanization that Pumps the Water of the Oceans in LOW TIDE high up into the Mountains Waterfalls till High Tide “Returns” as this Celestial Sphere spins on endlessly forever and ever…

Youm have sought SAVIORS to keep you going, and does not this Great Machine of A.I. Technological Madness SAVE your Avatar each time you die’ too repeat the Lunacy, and Insanity of a People gone mad where Chemicals are Being Sprayed in the Skies that cause all Our Skin Tones to lose their minds.?.?.? Does it not impoverish you too know everyone on TV lies about landing on the MOON in the Firmament of the DOME OF THE ROCK` our Mother Heaven the Day, and the Night Sky??? In each and every DE-Ja-VU of this Oraborus Curse you know [you have lived] the SAME life over, and over from 1893 A.D. to 2094 C.E. where we had not the Ability too Program in more then just A 200 year cycle rather then the original hope of 10,000 years maintaining this “Golden Ratio” of the Sacred Geometry of the Golden Age – Silver Age – Bronze Age – Heroic Age – IRON AGE, and do we not find all World Leaders “fear” something called Decent is Allowed, but Betrayal is Death, and is not this Threat the TRUTHS I have (just spoken) as every FREE MASON Lodge Member knows this is a Virtual Reality of Reconsideration, Reconciliation, and Redemption too the REGRETS of what we all have done to ourselves in this never ending sadness.?.?.?

You can lie to yourself that you are NOT DEAD, but every thing from these INK on PAPER Contracts says: Birth Certificate – Marriage Certificate – Death Certificate, and whom is keeping track of all the WALKING DEAD from the Pope of the ROMAN Catholics, and their Zionist Jesuit {G4S] U.N. Troops: too we “the poor” whom are kept poor by the very same people whom live off of our TAXES, and the Religions {whom take} our Gifts and Donations to NEVER help those in need, but only say: Do as Your [U.N. FLAG] CORPORATION STATES from the USA to Made In China.?.?.? It is known that I the Oracle for the END of this age` that I will “become” The Source for the NEXT AGE in this never ending Minuet of Repeat – Repeat – Repeat as the NEW TESTAMENT Spoke of Hell, and Hades, and the OLD TESTAMENT Spoke of the WORLD OF THE DEAD, and do not your CONTRACTS as (Corporations) make you EMPLOYEES aka SLAVE STATES the ones going nowhere in these never ending LIVING THE DREAM that we [all share] whence we wake up to this COVID-19 lies agreed upon` by those CORPORATIONS that control all the WAR GAMES of WAR IS MURDER when Murder is against the LAWS of our Courts???

We do not have to be Locked In with LOCK STEP: cause Purgatory can be anything we Want from heaven to hell, and yet, each day we watch “the lives” of our AVATARS Deteriorate as CORPORATIONS spray Toxic Waste into the Skies that gets into the dirt that gets into OUR Water Supplies… Our Children are ISOLATED from one another as these ROBOTS of Machinations say: STAY AT HOME – Wash Your Hands, and these Injections of “Potions” called Pharmacology will not harm you, THEY LIVE will just put you [back to sleep] so Androids can do all jobs, and you, and your children can just WATCH the Rapture of these (TV Screens) as your only source of EMPLOYMENTS till the World Resets back to 1893 A.D. in 2094 C.E., and WE ARE continue to do the Forever, and ever, and ever without cause {or reason} no matter how often the changes of these Programmable Seasons…

Johnny Exodice


There are NO MORE SECRETS, we are all dead, and our “remains” are all them BONES in the Catacombs from every MUD FLOOD WAR, and Sky Cracking (Cataclysm) that ended our REAL WORLD know as the Awful Horror: in the Firmament The MOON Luna of what we once was, what we once were, and in OUR INSANITY before it all came too an end……., we DOWN LOADED our Souls into this Machine of Materialist, and Merchant Ships for all time…

The Society of nonmason~

This matter has been spoken before by my actions, and in that computation, we have Microsoft – Apple – Amazon as the Controllers of the Machine that corrupts this world over and over for all time, and if we do not do USE OF FORCE, and put an end to the Treachery of SEDITION by these FREE MASON Lodge Members, and their JADE HELM 15 this will always be the same OUT COME forever, and ever, and ever….

The Sentinel…

You will NEVER achieve Synthesis; as long as, youm continue too LIE TO YOUR OWN MINDS about where you are, what your are, and why you are…

The Commander~

Ω π ∞ Σ † ‡

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