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When Your Sheriffs Tell the ATF They're On Their Own. We Love Oklahoma!!!

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Published on 07 Feb 2023 / In News and Politics

Washington Gun Law President, William Kirk, discusses a recent counter-trend to many of these very blue states not only banning guns and gun rights, but doing so in a lighting fast fashion, which is State law enforcement speaking quite openly and publicly about their beliefs in the effectiveness, or lack thereof, in much of this gun control legislation. Well after most recently hearing from the Arkansas Sheriffs' Association, along comes the State of Oklahoma, who themselves has a very strong-worded message for the ATF about their new pistol brace rule. In particular, we hear from Oklahoma County Sheriff Tommie Johnson III, who makes his Department's position on ATF's new rule, crystal clear. What can we all learn from Oklahoma and all these other law enforcement agencies pushing back on the gun control movement? Find out and arm yourself with education.

Learn more about Sheriff Tommie Johnson III, Oklahoma County.
Applicable Statutes:

Oklahoma SB 631.
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