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When Your Gun Laws Are So Bad, They Violate Two Constitutional Amendments

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Published on 02 Jan 2023 / In News and Politics

Washington Gun Law President, William Kirk, discusses the latest chapter is what is turning out to be one of he largest political and legal temper tantrums in the history of the world as Governor Hochul and her comrades in Albany are at it once again with the Concealed Carry Improvement Act of 2022. The case we discuss today is Spencer v. Nigrelli, which is a challenge to the Constitutionality of the complete ban on all firearms in all churches and other houses of religious services. Judge Sinatra, in the Western District of New York has issued an injunction stopping implementation and enforcement of this portion of the new law. Learn not only what this means for New Yorkers, but what it means to all lawful and responsible gun owners nationwide. Arm yourself with education today.
Applicable Cases:

Spencer v. Nigrelli.
Applicable Statutes:

New York Concealed Carry Improvement Act of 2022.
Other Resources:

Has the State of New York Officially Pissed the Supreme Court Off?

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JamesRoss 3 months ago

Anyone that undermines the political foundations of freedom will likely turn out to be a NWO touting Freemason and world-governance advocate.
These Mystery School Cult minions are found in every country around the world working their way into politics in order to misguide the non-Cult people away from freedom. Sheep are lazy grazers, docile and education is controlled by freemasonry to entrances students to disregard any development of critical thinking. Lazy thinkers become lazy sheeple because they are trained to behave this way and are rewarded to be that way.
Dr. Sean Hross exposed the English speaking colonies to be coined as "The Fifth Column" many years ago: Canada being one of those dumbed-down colonies.

20 years ago I was handing-out compiled CDs about the ignorance of sovereignty amoungst the Canadian sheeple ever since the Crown declared the Statute of Wesminster ... Sheeple do not care about freedom and sovereignty until they are getting jabbed with poison by the Luciferians hiding in the shadows. All Commonwealth countries were given their provincial or state freedoms in 1931 before the dirty-thirties harvest of the Great Depression set into the politics as a financial harvest of the sheeple's labour.
Like the USA, New Zealand, Austraila, South Africa, Canada, etc., were all given soverignty by the crown, but Freemasons hid this from the sheeple.
This corruption did not mean anything to the sheeple in the 1980s when Shelly Ann Clark exposed the double documents Canadian-Freemasons used to pass their NAFTA signing fakery with the Freemasons of the USA:

Trudeau is a treacherous Freemason that is attacking the freedoms of Canadians American Freemasons will follow suit.
I am amazed at how docile sheeple have become.
The reason why is that fake protests are created by Freemasons in order to identify the defenders of freedom before the shite hits the fan. All protestors are covertly brainchipped for direct mind-control manipulations whereas the sheeple are just naturally docile.(and now clot-shotted, too).

The secret remedy to stopping the NWO takeover is to stop the microwaves that empower the IOT nano-tech with inductive energy and also communicates the wireless prison-grid to the Freemasonic minions in positions of authority to keep the NWO moving forward, step by step as the Luciferians Agenda21 and now Agenda 2030 demand of the minions. Non-Cult-sworn people must resist the world governance takeover by identifying Luciferian/Freemason efforts and replace their positions of authority with non-Cult people... or tyranny will prevail as freedoms are stripped away from all people.

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