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When Cops Are Fearless, Get Armed (ft. Tim; Kari)

njthemarksman - 213 Views
Published on 05 Dec 2021 / In News and Politics

"NO GUNS? NO CIVIC HOPE: no deterrent welcomes the chains"

"Does the government fear us? Or do we fear the government? When the people fear the government, tyranny has found victory. The federal government is our servant, not our master!"
"When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people, there is liberty."
- Thomas Jefferson

Australia's attitude on firearms is unhealthy, to the point it is fatal, and destructive and oppressive to be Australian under the "AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT" in the 21st Century.

Australian cops would not survive behaving as they do, in America, because America has always been more free and true than Australia, the majority of Australia cops would rightly lose their lives for acting as totalitarian and fascistic in America, as they currently are in Australia.

Australia needs to learn. It's not wrong to shoot a person who is invading your house, attempting to bring harm or subjugation to you or defenceless others around you. You are well within your living being right to own what you want and protect yourself.

Australia is easily one of the most vulnerable nations that exists, and if it wasn't for the fact that a high percentage of Australia is foreign owned as an asset, there is no need for military invasion until foreign interests use those forms of violence to bring Australia under a new regime to protect those paid-for assets that we are yet living on as born Terra Australites.

> Because I am not a "FUDD"
(an excuse making, pro-licence anti-gunner who owns guns)

No licences to keep and bear arms under the born right to private property.

No restrictions on where you can keep a gun, home or business, as the needs for defence of life and property do not change based on geography or lawful jurisdiction.

Restrict/ban, on ethical and moral grounds, the possession and use of nuclear, chemical, viral and bacterial "weapons" on the basis of human rights and related, existing conventions.

Private citizens have full rights to keep and bear any kind of armament that is explosive, ballistic or basic, non-extreme-effect, directed energy-based weaponry.

Make it mandatory that whilst licences shall not exist, as the infringements to the right that they are to keep and bear arms, it is strongly encouraged to attend workshops and classes where the handling and use of various weapons are taught, as education on firearms is always superior to blanket bans and licensure run by a police controlled state of tyranny (such as Australia currently is).

If someone harms or kills themselves accidentally through use of a weapon that they weren't sufficiently ready to handle, it is literally on them and not the manufacturer, as they had the opportunity but declined training.

Upon initial purchase of a firearm, it should be mandatory (or least optional) for an Arms outlet to offer a quick, blanks-based training session to a new gun owner or a gun owner purchasing a new type of firearm for the first time, to ensure the individual knows how to handle the weapon (e.g. first time semi-auto rifle, full-auto owners, etc.). Not that it's the sellers or gun makers responsibility how the owner uses the product, but in keeping with a sensible, well-armed *and* well-educated public, a tight chain of accountability and enforceable "safe practice" procedure would be universally beneficial to the safety of the free state. (that being said, perhaps gun shops should have an onsite rifle range just for the purpose of crash-course training and demonstrations, as mandatory by federal law?)

Holding individuals exclusively responsible for their own misdeeds with weapons will ensure no group is targeted for disarmament unless they were proven aids and accomplices (i.e. not ANOTHER Port Arthur based attack on the collective right to Keep and Bear Australian Arms).

Police/military should always encourage the population to be trained in and armed with a weapon that is suitable to their physical ability to handle, as this also gives non-military assistance to the state in sheer volume of numbers during such time of need.

A free nation should not have to have its civilian population sign up to be police or military, just to own arms or justify their ownership, such centralisation and statist thinking is a perverse way of aligning the liberty of the people to being a mass population of public servants - separation of privacy from the public sector (even if public is privatised) should be a civic virtue.

It should not be mandatory to own weapons. It should never be restricted to own weapons nor the natural right to harm or take a hostile life to protect a defensive life restricted or outlawed.

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