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What To Do When the Hypnosis Isn-t WorkinG uPON the Sheeple.

JamesRoss - 162 Views
Published on 28 Nov 2022 / In People and Blogs

Freemasonic-Luciferians are very concerned about the awareness of the non-Cult people. They are terrified that sheeple will awaken and use the Luciferians' brainchip-hivemind to identify them as traitors to humanity and communities: (Cooper exposes who "they" are).
Witch burnings were orchestrated by Freemasons, fake-churches, false-preachers and other liars. There are no demons with wicked powers. Well, there are still spiritually dumb souls that are contained within a spiritual box after their death from physical reality... Even Homo capensis, the ancient devils, have no spiritual evil powers... they only have technology which bamboozles the average human.

You may laugh at other discovering how hypnotically suggestible they seem to be, but look very carefully at yourself... do you actually think you need a drivers license when you are a traveller? Are you hypnotized by freemasons claiming authority over your body?

Vatican preachers are hypnotized to call for Lucifer and the sheeple listening don't hear the worship to Lucifer. Most Christians are hypnotized not to speak-out. Turn a blind eye to the deception.

Freemasonic psychiatric doctors are one of the highest suicide groups in the world... Why then are suicidal sheeple directed to ask for their advise? You would be better off to find a happy-go-lucky stay at home mother of children for advise on how to enjoy life... but she has to be happy with her life. Many psychiatrist are just legalized drug pushers upon the sheeple... Luciferians know that drugs are bad for the body. So they stay away from the legal drug-pushers and hypnotic liars.


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JamesRoss 2 months ago  

brainchips are used by luciferians' masters to wear-down a non-compliant person against being hypnotized. Then the Luciferian-handler attempts to trick that worn-down subject into suicide... if successful the subject just skips off into another probable world where the hypnosis did not succeed. It takes about 5-6 days of insomnia for me to unwillingly to become hypnotized by a wicked mind-jobber. You have just as much resistance as me, but Luciferians are very tricky with their brainchips which activates the hypnotic trance electronically through the brain-interface. Watch this little video of a covertly implanted Magnus Olsson of Sweden:

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