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What The Human-Collective Needs To Know About The Twin Flame Journey.mp4

3D to 5D Consciousness
3D to 5D Consciousness - 4,057 Views
Published on 19 Sep 2021 / In Spiritual

What the human-collective needs to know about the TF journey

The mystery is solved about this Twin Flame journey. After 7 years of being on this painful journey, I have finally cracked the code in understanding what Twin Flames need to do to come into completion with themselves. After watching this broadcast, you will have a lot of clarity and insights into what this journey entails. This video is going to help heal many people, whether they are Twin Flames or not.

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sullytoes 17 days ago

I have been in love a few times each one thinking they were the one, in the end feel like i've been on the used , am not bothering with anyone and haven't for a long time, i feel i attract the wrong types, married men liers and fraudsters, i know there are good guys out there, but my last one hurt pretty bad, he supposedly was devorced, one child, later found out wife was a air hostess, when she was away, he would be with me, she found out about me from his phone and went nuts, took months to get over this but he was a bad un, he wanted my daughter, am very protective of my children, write down all your pain dig a whole near a tree and ask the universe to take your pain away, it works. he contacted me a lot but never answered his calls. I could'nt believe my luck when he asked me out he was so good looking and i fell my wall around my heart fell too. met him though a dodgy dating site though, i was so gullible, my sister found it, was shocked i never said all those things, that is why strange men contacted me all hours, was angry and shocked, the dating site didn't care

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Fredoprawn999 22 days ago

Very chastening info right there Nyla.I just saw one of your earlier Odysee clips concerning David icke.Wow,l live near him on the Isle Of Wight.I'vehad the odd chat with him several years ago as my sister proofed a couple of his books.Sorry to hijack this particular thread but posting on Odysee's a challenge to my pc skill level but i'm processing the information you gave in a different light and you're not alone with your observations.There always were signs l guess, l just put it down to Weapons-Grade-egotism possibly a counter-reaction based on a famous tv chat-show,media-crucifixion he received at the time(Wogan-Show) and l just put it down to his his ego becoming...weaponised or even the guilt of inadvertent exposure to his family by association over the years,(they got significant ridicule) informing his narratives? but the mis-appropriation of another's work without acknowledgements,is a different kettle of fish. I had a terse exchange with him on the street one day when l questioned the credibility of a certain-Russell Brand who joined icke the previous night on an isle of wight radio-talk-show and offered my doubts which seemed to rile Icke to my dismay lol.I mean...nothing to see here..bosom buddy to a guy bearing a 33 tattoo on his arm,brief nuptials to a classic MK-Ultra-puppet (K-Perry) and not forgetting Brand's cameo appearance at the 2012-London Olympics-opening-Black-Magic-Ritual,as an ice-skating-'Child-Catcher'.Nothing to see here l guess ? The whole ritual can be seen on Youtube for the NLP-Project it was, dancing nurses,waxwork-puppet of B-Johnson,spooky 'Exorcist soundtrack' and the piece-de-resistance....check those aerial shots of the stadium forming shapes not disimlar to the covid-spikey thing.Icke still deals with Alex Jones too,his ex wife recently told me.Hmm..AJ-RB=Pied-Pipers all,positioned possibly to divert and reposition the emergent awakeners? with Icke thrown in.Apologies again but had to get this off the chest.X

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[email protected] 26 days ago

Hello Nyla,
Have you ever considered seriously to study the Zohar?

CJoseph Celia

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querida 26 days ago

couldn't get this video to play?

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marcko mcjsouzsn
marcko mcjsouzsn 26 days ago

I have to say I learn a ton of info from you Nyla...I mean I learn a lot about myself listening to this type of information...

I feel like I should pay you...hehe, ill save my dimes for another day!!! Thank You for opening up like this...

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