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What Really Happened in the 2008 Georgian War and Why it Matters

Truth Seekers Worldwide
Published on 26 Feb 2023 / In News and Politics

All facts from South Ossetia show that there was no Russian invasion; the good citizens tell you there was no Russian invasion. They were grateful for Russia's intervention to aide them from Georgian aggression and the annihilation of their city. It's because of Russian intervention that there was no mass genocide.
We have western media who hid the truth in 2008 and have become even more skilled today! They want the world believing that Russia is the bogeyman, when all the while it's still prompted & paid for by the U.S. war mongers, the same military industrial complex, wealthy oligarch globalists who are pulling the same puppet strings, using the worlds hard earned dollars against us, keeping us divided as they fill their pockets with riches.
When will the general public ever wake up to who the true culprits are? They keep us distracted with hundreds of stupid events to argue among ourselves while they tear our world apart country by country. Laughing and smirking while good people suffer.
Let's stay focused on the true culprits and unite to end this madness. There are many more of us!
Please help wake the sleeping crowds the media has so convinced that the lies are true. How can we ever compete with worldwide media? One person at a time- help them learn the truth..
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We must all do our part by researching & sharing truth to save our world; when the world awakens the cabal won't survive! And once they've been taken down our lives will be better than ever! Every country will flourish the way God intended!

The only way for the world to win, is to search for and understand truth, and say NO to these wicked satanic wealthy globalists who are destroying every countries economy from the inside out!

If our world unites, it will end all tyranny!

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Russo-Georgian War,

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